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Our SuperHyros™ help enterprises to strengthen their relationships with end users through adaptive, AI-powered communications.

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good conversations.

When companies team up with us, their communications get a big dose of wow. Good conversations can now be automated conversations – which means satisfied customers, better operational efficiencies and maximized returns.
We call that HY-ROI.

Our Mission

How we got here...

A (very) surface-level history of conversational AI

Eliza, The first chatbot, ever.

Created by Joseph Weizenbaum to simulate a psychotherapist, using simple pattern matching and substitution methodology. Worked by pairing words that patients entered into a computer with a list of pre-scripted responses.


Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (A.L.I.C.E) is a chatbot that used heuristic pattern matching to have conversations. Invented by Richard Wallace in 1995, it relied on an XML schema known as artificial intelligence markup language (AIML), which specifies conversation rules. The program simulates chatting with a real person over the Internet – in this case, Alice, a young woman who can divulge personal details and answer easy questions.


90’s kids can’t forget SmarterChild. At one point, it amassed 10 million users and was getting a billion messages a day. This temperamental chatbot was baked into AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and MSN Messenger with the power to carry out fun conversations, with some additional data access to popular services at the time, like the weather and Moviefone. It’s widely considered a successful show of “conversational computing”.

Digital Assistants

With the explosion of the iPhone came Siri for Apple iOS in 2010–an intelligent assistant and navigator that uses a natural language interface built on machine learning. Google followed suit with Google Assistant, originally launched in 2012 under a different name. Then came Cortana and Alexa in 2014. All of these digital assistants brought interactive voice into the mix, helping users send emails and texts, play music, place calls and find files, locations, and general information.

Large Language Models

We’ll get to ChatGPT in a second. Large language models – neural networks with tons (billions) of parameters, trained on large quantities of text – came about in 2018. BERT was first on scene with 340 million parameters. But OpenAI wasn’t far behind, and shocked the world with GPT-3 in 2020, an LLM that boasted 175 billion parameters. After some fine-tuning, a variant called GPT-3.5 was made available to the public in 2022 in the form of a web interface. You guessed it. ChatGPT, the fastest growing app in history, generates human-like text and can carry out a variety of tasks, including writing scripts and translating books.

Hyro is part of a rich history of conversational innovation. We now carry the torch, with a mission to simplify interactions across all digital channels, so that companies and their customers can communicate easily and achieve more, together.

AI Assistants

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65 Superhyros and counting

Unique individuals,
one tight-knit team

I feel fortunate to work with so many smart colleagues from the unique and valuable field of human-computer interaction. There’s constant collaboration to impact change, and feedback is regarded as equally important to the work itself. That’s a recipe for amazing teamwork.
Rotem Fisch
Head of Design & UX

Based in:

3 Offices

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From top to bottom, it’s one of the most transparent companies I’ve ever been a part of – it’s refreshing (and effective) to operate with such wide-reaching visibility and impact
Adi Meiri
Head of Growth Marketing
Engineering, a lot of times, is about persistence. I’m proud to be part of a company where the motivation to overcome challenges, find success and impact change has never been higher
Inbar Abud Mashiah
Engineering Team Lead


14 Countries

65 Headcount

Open Positions

Ready to suit up?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… the SuperHyros. We’re a hy-flying team of smart, scrappy go-getters — each with our own suite of skills. When we’re not saving the world from bad chat and voice bots, we’re celebrating big milestones together, both personal and professional. Each of us brings our own mix of superpowers to the table, but we’ve got some in common, too.

Core Values

All SuperHyros share six

Led by some of the best

League of Leaders

Hyro is a company full of leaders, bringing together decades of experience in enterprise and consumer SaaS, growth startups, healthcare technology and more – but our collective superpower is a shared passion for replacing bad chatbots and IVR systems with conversational AI that rocks. Here are just a few of us:

  • Superpower: can see the future of conversational AI

    Israel Krush CEO & Co-Founder
  • Superpower: can walk through walls of data

    Rom Cohen CIO & Co-Founder
  • Superpower: creating relationships with her mind

    Michael Blumental CRO
  • Superpower: impervious to startup pains

    Nitzan Bar Chief Architect
  • Superpower: supersonic brand awareness

    Aaron Bours VP Marketing
  • Superpower: X-ray visionary

    Daniel Ben Tov VP Engineering
  • Superpower: Turns ideas into products

    Uri Pintov VP Product
  • Superpower: recruitment at the speed of light

    Maya Agmon Head of HR
  • Superpower: can warp reality with design

    Rotem Fisch Head of UX & Design
  • Superpower: invisible to churn

    Madeline Boon Head of Customer Success
  • Superpower: can bend words to his will

    Ziv Gidron Head of Content
  • Superpower: partnership building strength of 1000 suns

    Gili Lichtman Kurtz Head of Partnerships
  • Superpower: can create a tidal wave of demand

    Adi Meiri Head of Growth Marketing
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