AI Virtual Assistant for Voice & Chat

Your Digital Workforce for
Repetitive Tasks, Ready in 3 Days

Activate conversational AI assistants that adapt to your enterprise,
performing top-line skills on behalf of burnt-out staff to achieve
better engagement, operational efficiency and scalability.

Intent-based chatbots
are stuck in the past

Slow to build, hard to maintain and impossible to scale — that’s intent-based. Organizations are quickly moving away from rigid conversational flows that result in…

Enterprises are going adaptive for better CX

The highest-performing conversational AI with the least amount of heavy lifting — that’s why modern enterprises trust Hyro to scale conversational experiences.

AI Assistant Benefits

Spend 60x Less Time Building With Intent-less AI
Assistants — No Training Data Required.

We Are

Lightning fast to deploy

#1 in time to value, 173 days sooner than the next-fastest conversational AI solution.

Effortless to maintain

Eliminate over 350 hours per year spent on building bots and maintaining conversational flows.

Simple to scale

Update & add skills without manually configuring the content, expanding to new departments within the enterprise.

So You Can

Handle 10x more inquiries

Use our NLU engine to cover 10x more topics than other conversational AI solutions.

Resolve over 85% of tasks

Optimize efficiency by automating repetitive tasks so support teams can focus on complex cases.

Communicate cross-channel

Sync your conversations and insights via voice and chat across web, SMS, mobile and messaging apps.

What industry leaders are saying:

Hyro's robust knowledge graph is continuously learning and has all sorts of different ways to fill the knowledge base with information. The days of chatbots that are more workflow based, I think, are narrowing–they served their purpose for very small use cases, but they can't grow with you
Amber Fencl, Senior Vice President Digital Health & Engagement at Novant Health
Amber Fencl, Senior Vice President Digital Health & Engagement at Novant Health
What attracted us to Hyro was their adaptive approach. Our physician data is now easily accessible—and we’re seeing 47% more appointments booked online.
Dr. Curtis Cole, CIO at Weill Cornell Medicine
Dr. Curtis Cole, CIO at Weill Cornell Medicine
Hyro offered us a conversational interface that was customizable to our organization and could also be quickly launched as an out-of-the-box platform. Two days after going live, we were able to customize the solution even further with specific Montefiore resources
Adrin Mammen, AVP, Patient Access Transformation Officer at Montefiore Health System
Adrin Mammen, AVP, Patient Access Transformation Officer, Montefiore Health System
Turn complex data into easy conversations and cost-optimizing insights

Ingests information
automatically from
websites, CSVs, APIs,
CRMs and databases.

Maps Data to
Knowledge Graph

Translates information to
a knowledge graph, which
self-updates in real time as
content changes.

NLU Engine

Natural Language Understanding

Makes it

Data is made easily queryable
by natural language across
AI assistants on all channels.



Generates Key

Provides real-time dashboards
with engagement metrics and
customer journey analytics.


Born from critical data sources,
grown through key integrations

Conversational AI assistants power engagement, growth, and revenue-driving
interactions across your favorite tech stacks. When the content changes, the
conversations update.

AI Assistant Skills

Our AI Assistants operate as

skilled out-of-the-box members

of your team

Define the actions, add the knowledge, and start. Plug and play skills are tailored to grow
with your enterprise, pre-loaded with the core competencies you’d normally find in
onboarded full-time employees.

Directory /
Catalog Search
Scraping structured list of properties and corresponding attributes and making it queryable through search
Customers can book, reschedule and cancel appointments with service providers, 24/7
Patients can automatically refill prescriptions and get immediate access to pharmaceutical information.
Billing and

Customers can generate invoices and get immediate information on insurance claims

Teams can route complex cases to the right agent automatically while resolving routine cases.
Teams can reduce time on form management and allow easy filling during an online chat
Teams can simplify site search for patients and provide a better conversational experience
(SMS Deflection)
Teams can deflect repetitive tasks from call centers to SMS and provide faster response.
Teams can simplify site search for patients and provide a better conversational experience
Success story Spotlight
Success story Spotlight

Weill Cornell Medicine Increases
Converted Appointments by 47%

with Conversational AI




Average Pages
Per Session


Average Session

Adaptive Natural Language Understanding Engine

An award-winning NLU Engine for enterprises
that demand the best conversational experiences

Typical Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) conversational AI solutions are all about machine learning and intents. That’s one big black box, and months of training data, predefined flows and resources spent building.

Hyro’s intent-less NLU engine delivers an industry-leading 95% accuracy rate, covering a wide range of diverse phrasings, syntax, styles, attributes and context. Simplified: we’re teaching AI assistants to upskill and converse the way that humans would. Technically speaking, Hyro uses a proprietary tri-fold approach to instantly generate AI assistants:

Hyro Named as Gartner® Cool Vendor™ 2022 in Conversational and Natural Language Technology

Computational Linguistics (CL)

#1 in time to value, 173 days earlier than the next-fastest conversational AI solution

Knowledge Graphs (KG)

Allow instant answers & seamless maintenance (vs. manual conversational flows)

Declarative Modeling (DM)

Allow instant answers & seamless maintenance (vs. manual conversational flows)

Machine Learning, one big black box and an inefficient use of resources:

  • Pre-Defined Flows & playbooks
  • Tons of Variations of Question
  • Tons of Variations of Answers
  • Teams of Annotators
  • Teams of Conversational Designers
  • Natural Language Experts

Teach AI Assistants sentence structure
(what is a verb, noun, adjective…)

  • Pre-Defined Flows & playbooks
  • Tons of Variations of Questions
  • Tons of Variations of Answers

Intent-Based Approach “if X then Y”

  • 3-6 months to train an intent
  • Can’t pick up context and nuances
  • Produces vague and lengthy answers
  • Maintenance efforts are exponential as the number of intents increases

Teach AI Assistants the hierarchical structure of relationships between all entities and attributes, associating them with context-specific inquiries, which allows for:

  • Less Training and 60x Faster Time to Value
  • Instant Access to Accurate Answers
  • Context Understanding and Pivoting
  • Seamless Maintenance and Expansion

Manual Conversational Flows

  • Slow to design, build and deploy
  • Difficult to maintain and repair
  • Rigid, ineffective in answering questions

Simplifying the process of deploying multiple AI Assistants at scale by automatically gathering knowledge and business logic and assigning actions:

  • Reduces time spent building by 98%
  • Eliminates 350 hours annually wasted on maintaining conversational flows
  • Separates the dialog management from knowledge, so that changes made to existing datasets won’t harm different conversational flows elsewhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), an intelligent virtual assistant helps organizations automate conversations and complete tasks at scale. Use cases automated include: frequently asked questions, lead generation, reservations and appointment scheduling, and more. Virtual assistants can be used via text and voice, and large organizations and enterprises see highest ROI by deploying them across multiple digital channels.

Yes. Using voice recognition and natural language understanding technologies, AI voice assistants can be deployed to automate repetitive tasks for customer service and engagement teams. In particular, companies across various industries are deploying voice AI technologies to automate call center interactions, facilitate self-service (through SMS deflection or call-to-text), and route calls. Learn more about Hyro’s solution for call center automation.

AI Chatbots are based on rigid decision trees and restricted intent-based conversational flows, making them frustrating for teams to manage, maintain, and scale. In addition, more “traditional” chatbots, which involve machine-learning algorithms, require months of training to function adequately and tend to provide poor customer experiences.

In contrast, Hyro’s AI virtual assistants for text and voice are NLP-based and require no decision trees or learning phases, eliminating the heavy lifting from IT and digital teams. Hyro’s Conversational AI technology enables our virtual assistants to converse in natural language, provide the most up-to-date data without human intervention and enhance customer experience at scale.

AI assistants for both voice and text can be deployed within days using Hyro. With different chatbot services, which require building bots and configuring them with content and defined flows manually, deployment can take months, as it relies heavily on IT teams’ time and resources.


Hyro’s technology, which scrapes and maps your organizational data into a knowledge graph, allows quick deployment of new assistants with minimal IT involvement. In addition, as Hyro is built on natural learning processing algorithms, it involves zero manual work in building conversational flows, significantly reducing deployment time.

Our assistants integrate with a wide selection of platforms and applications across different use cases, such as CRMs, live chat solutions, internal and external communication apps, and call center telephony systems. In addition, we provide integrations to industry-specific platforms such as electronic medical records (EMR) in healthcare and property management software in real estate. Learn more about Hyro’s integrations.

Elevate customer service and operational
efficiency with Hyro's AI assistants.