Customer Engagement

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Customer Engagement
6 min read

4 Digital Tools to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores in 2021

How do I improve my patient satisfaction scores? We cover the four digital tools that are being used by healthcare organizations to boost their patient satisfaction scores in 2021 and the results you should expect to see from them. Learn more.

Aaron Bours
January 18, 2021
Customer Engagement
4 min read

Restoring Regular Healthcare with AI-Powered Outreach

It’s hard to overstate the effectiveness of SMS messaging as a tool for outreach. Long used by businesses to promote themselves and engage their customers, we decided to combine our conversational AI and NLU techniques with this existing technology, creating 2-way AI-Powered Outreach.

Guy Ling
July 5, 2020
Customer Engagement
3 min read

Appointments by Conversational AI: Understanding Everything Your Patients Say

Now, more than ever, patients are looking for ways to communicate with their healthcare providers digitally. With the spread of COVID-19, this demand is only going to increase as health systems across the nation face a tremendous strain on their digital channels and call centers. Natural Language Processing (NLP), coupled with conversational AI, is poised to become one of the foremost solutions to confront this issue.

Aaron Bours
March 24, 2020
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