IT & Digital
4 min read

Should You Use Nested Functions to Encapsulate Logic?

Hyro CTO Uri Valevski asks the question: should you use nested functions to encapsulate logic only used once? And answers it. Learn more.

Uri Valevski
July 26, 2021
IT & Digital

Introduction to Functional Programming in Python

A crash course on Functional Programming in Python delivered by Hyro's Co-founder and CTO Uri Valevski.

Uri Valevski
IT & Digital
6 min read

What We’re Building at Hyro

We closed a $10.5 Series A funding round to become the world's #1 Adaptive Communications Platform. Hyro's CTO, Uri Valveski, explains what makes Hyro's tech unique, and how the conversational AI space is being transformed by our approach.

Uri Valevski
June 16, 2021
IT & Digital
8 min read

Graph Programming

Join our CTO and computational linguistics savant Uri Valevski for a deep dive into Graph Programming, the backbone of Hyro's bleeding-edge Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities. Jump in.

Uri Valevski
November 24, 2020
IT & Digital
2 min read

[Infographic] The State of Conversational AI in 2021

Learn about the different types of conversational AI, the value and investment behind the technology, how consumers and businesses are adopting conversational AI in 2021, and much more. View full infographic now.

Aaron Bours
November 29, 2020
IT & Digital
5 min read

Why Building your own Chatbot isn’t Necessarily Good for Business

Over the past decade plus, chatbots have dominated the conversation (no pun intended) when it comes to digital engagement. You’ve undoubtedly had experiences interacting with them, some helpful while others underwhelming, and perhaps even fiddled around with building one on your own. That’s because the chatbot promise is grand: businesses and their customers can speak to each other 1:1, at scale.

Israel Krush
April 16, 2020
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