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Hyro Wins Juniper Research’s Gold Award for Best AI Chatbot

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Hyro Wins Juniper Research’s Gold Award for Best AI Chatbot

We are thrilled and honored to announce that Hyro has won the Gold Award for Best AI Chatbot Solution as part of Juniper Research’s Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2023. 

What Does This Mean?

Juniper Research launched its annual Future Digital Awards program in 2008 to recognize, showcase, and celebrate “tech companies [that are] at the forefront of their respective fields.” 


Every year thousands of companies apply to be evaluated, analyzed, and ultimately selected from four key sectors:  


  1. Fintech & Payments 
  2. Telco Innovation
  3. Digital Health Innovation 
  4. Smart Cities and IoT Innovation 


Entries are initially assessed by a Juniper Research analyst panel, which then draws up a shortlist of potential winners based on a number of criteria, including:


  • Features and Benefits
  • Product Partnerships
  • Certification & Compliance
  • Future Business Prospects


These shortlists are then examined, scored, and verified by Juniper Research’s team of experts. At the end of this process, final winners are agreed upon and confirmed by a designated Juniper Research judging panel.


Hyro earned the Gold Award for Best AI Chatbot in the Enterprise Telco Innovation category for being one of “the most innovative and disruptive telecommunications solutions operating across numerous areas.”


This marks Hyro’s second Future Digital Awards selection, having won the Platinum Award for Best Conversational AI Solution in 2022, joining a vaunted cohort of previous consecutive multi-year award winners that includes Amazon, Google, IBM, and Stripe. 

Why Hyro?

Hyro has developed a solution that far extends the subset of AI chatbots or, in other words, is reshuffling, reimagining, and redrawing the existing limits of this technology—hence the term “disruptor” could not be more fitting. 

Hyro’s Adaptive Communications Platform enables enterprises to streamline their processes and messaging across their most valuable platforms, services, and channels—including call centers, chat solutions, SMS, and more.

As opposed to rigid intent-based chatbots and IVRs, which need thousands of examples (conversations and utterances) to generate a simple response, Hyro’s platform is both linguistics and knowledge-based, meaning that its conversational AI learns human language first, and then continuously layers use cases on top of that understanding engine.

As data is added or adjusted across websites, databases, CSVs, APIs, and other sources, Hyro automatically updates its knowledge graph so that the information provided to end-users remains accurate. The information captured from millions of different customer interactions is transformed into rich insights that help improve operational efficiencies and steer data-driven business decisions.

Hyro'S Adaptive Communications Platform
Hyro's Adaptive Communications Platform

Solving a Telecommunications Crisis

Hyro’s selection as a telecommunications leader by a research firm devoted primarily to the study and advancement of this field is a resounding vote of confidence in Hyro’s tele-enabled capabilities—especially at a time when call centers are struggling to support their customers and retain their staff. 


The average US call center agent turnover rate ranges between 30%-45%, with some call centers experiencing more than 100% attrition at 12 months cycles. 


Hyro is uniquely positioned to fill in these widening service gaps, empower call center teams, and deliver better customer experiences through its myriad of tailor-made use cases (or “Skills”) for call center deployments.


With AI Skills ranging from appointment scheduling to billings, lead generation, and FAQs, Hyro’s call center AI assistants deflect and resolve, on average, 85% of incoming calls, with the remainder of calls accurately routed to the right departments.

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