​​AI-Powered Call Center Automation

Handle Unlimited Calls Without
Hiring Additional Staff

Call center overcapacity is history. Enrich customer experience,
resolve higher call volume, and shield understaffed support teams
from routine tasks with AI voice solutions for call centers.

Avoid burnout and poor customer experience.

Without Hyro, call centers are reaching the burnout threshold quickly. That’s when the perfect storm of missed calls, long wait times and poor user experience hits hard, ultimately causing customer churn and lost revenues.

​​Better automation, more capacity.

With Hyro, call center capacity is a non-issue, with 65-85% of calls being automatically deflected or resolved end-to-end, and the remainder of calls being quickly and accurately routed to the right departments.

AI call center Benefits

Goodbye High Costs, Hello HY-ROI

We Are

Quick to Deploy

Shorthanded staff members will get the support they need today, not in 6 months from now

Easy to Manage

Break free from intent-based, complicated routing processes. We’ve got you covered

Powered by NLU

Deliver a natural language experience, built from context and automatically updated content

So You Can

Get 60x Faster Time to Value

Optimize efficiency by automating repetitive tasks so support teams can focus on complex cases

Achieve Higher Call Volume

100,000 more calls? No problem. Scale rapidly without incurring additional costs

Handle 10x more inquiries

Deliver industry-leading quality voice conversational experiences at scale

What industry leaders are saying:

IVR systems kept our members on hold that much longer. Hyro was able to actually route members to self-serve, whether through AI-powered voice technologies on our call center or by automated SMS
Matt White, BI & Innovation Lead, Contra Costa Health Services
Our call center has been overloaded with calls since the pandemic began, and we were looking for something to offset patient wait times and increase our staffs’ bandwidth. Post-deployment, we saw traffic to our call center halved, a deflection rate of 52%
Michael Hasselberg, Chief Digital Health Officer at University of Rochester Medical Center
We were looking for a way to provide immediate lift for Novant Health's call center teams who were spending too much time on calls surrounding general questions. By using Hyro, we were able to automate 85% of all calls to our support center.
Michael Guerin, Director of Digital Product, Novant Health

Intelligent Call Guidance,
Based on Business Logic

An ever-clean filter you never need to change – sort call volume easily by automating routine calls, directing complex calls to the right agent, and deflecting simple calls to SMS for self-service.

Automatically divert complex cases to live agents

Navigate calls to the accurate source of support with natural language understanding (NLU)-based smart routing. Instantly match and transfer customer queries to the right service departments, skipping complicated audio menus and lengthy wait times in the process.

Resolve ordinary queries with zero intervention

Automate key digital services from start to finish with conversational AI end-to-end resolution. Solve routine requests such as scheduling, paying bills and getting answers to critical questions, without a human in the loop

Guide routine requests to self-service

Shield overloaded call center teams from repetitive tasks with SMS deflection (Call-to-Text). Funnel customers to self-serve with the resources you’ve already invested in, directing them to portals, FAQ pages, chat solutions and mobile app features.

Call center automation Skills

AI Voice Skills for Call Centers


Customers can book, reschedule and cancel meetings and appointments with service providers, 24/7.


and Billing

Customers can pay, generate invoices and get instant updates on payment status and insurance claims.


Customers can be securely identified through CRM/EMR and navigated to complete registration. 



Teams can enable a simple, frictionless pathway for customers to reset passwords via SMS (Call-to-Text).

FAQ Resolution

Customers can get the most up-to-date answers to their most frequently asked questions at any time.


Teams can accelerate lead generation and seamlessly qualify inbound calls at scale, 24/7.


Teams can deflect high volumes of repetitive client support tickets and employee IT requests.

Account & Order

Customers can check order status, modify and cancel orders, and update their account information.


Patients can automatically and securely refill prescriptions and get immediate Rx status updates.

Enterprises USING Call center automation SEE ON AVERAGE:


Average success rate for end-to-end automation


Annual calls successfully resolved


Average success rate for SMS deflection


Average amount of minutes saved per month

How it works

See Hyro in Action

See how our AI call center solution successfully identifies, understands and performs based on the customer’s objectives, and provides the correct service.

Success story Spotlight

Contra Costa Health Services Increases Goal
Completion Rate by 450% with SMS &
Call Center Automation


Increase in Goal
Completion Rate


Of All Calls
Deflected to SMS


Success Rate for
MyChart Password


Level Up Your Current
Voice Infrastructure with
Plug & Play Automation

Easily connect existing call center tools to Hyro’s NLU engine via SIP, vXML or PSTN, without involving IT teams.

Call Center Automation vs IVR Systems

Ditch the Decision-Trees

Get your callers out of the IVR maze. Traditional
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems rely on rigid,
pre-defined menus that are hard to maintain and
frustrating for callers. With Call Center Automation,
enterprises are unlocking bi-directional, natural
conversations at the onset of calls to generate better
outcomes and higher CSAT scores.

Conversational Intelligence

Uncover unique customer
insights, automatically

Generate actionable insights from customer journey analytics in your organization, including top keywords and trends, engagement metrics, knowledge gaps and more.

  • Identify trends and set up alerts in real-time
  • Improve digital optimization and care delivery based on data
  • Generate customized insight reports worth sending internally

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

AI primarily finds application in call centers through the utilization of natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition-enabled technology solutions. These technologies enable call centers to automate inbound calls by redirecting repetitive queries through SMS (call-to-text), resolving routine cases from start to finish, or promptly routing incoming calls to the appropriate live agent, eliminating the requirement for intricate IVR menus.

Smart routing is an AI-enabled call center solution that intelligently directs inbound calls to the most suitable agent based on pre-defined business logic. Call centers utilize smart routing to minimize long wait times and enhance customer service. By leveraging technologies such as Hyro’s Conversational AI-powered call center automation, organizations can rapidly and accurately transfer customer queries, especially those requiring human intervention, to the appropriate department or agent.

Conversational AI enhances automated voice assistants by utilizing natural language understanding algorithms to comprehend the context and intent behind a user’s speech. It enables the translation of spoken words into text, facilitating the complete automation of commands and requests. This technology enables the delivery of seamless conversational experiences for various use cases, including scheduling, authentication, and form filling.

Deploying call center automation can be expedited when selecting a tool like Hyro as your AI call center solution. Numerous organizations, particularly those with extensive contact centers, often encounter challenges when it comes to automating processes and integrating with existing tools. These endeavors are often perceived as laborious, intricate, and demanding of significant resources. Conversely, Hyro offers a plug-and-play solution that enables organizations to swiftly implement a diverse range of pre-built call center AI skills within a timeframe of 3-10 days, all without requiring the direct involvement of in-house technical teams.

Hyro seamlessly integrates with leading call center software and telephony vendors, including Twilio Flex, NICE inContact, Genesys, Five9, and Cisco. Browse our complete list of call center integrations.

Transform your call center from a cost driver
into an automated revenue engine.