Conversational User Experience (CUX)

What is a Conversational User Experience?

A Conversational User Experience (CUX) is a human-like conversational interaction between people and computers in either text (chatbot) or voice form. 

CUX is aimed at providing users with a more personalized interaction by lessening the robotic feeling computers tend to emit. CUX does this by understanding a user’s intent by using artificial intelligence models such as natural language processing.

Benefits of Conversation User Experience

There are many benefits your business can gain by integrating CUX elements into your system:


Higher Conversion Rates

In any business, the goal of a website is to help guide the user into becoming a lead. To increase the chances of this happening, it’s vital to make the process of conversion as engaging as possible. By substituting customer forms with fun chatbots, you can collect customer’s information in a less tedious way.  


Better Browsing Experience

We all tend to have short attention spans, so it is essential to diminish the time a user needs to spend on your site to figure out whether or not you are a relevant option. Many times, users run into websites with too much information that require them to navigate through pages and search each page for the information they require. This promotes a loss of interest and pulls users away from the possibility of becoming a lead. However, by using a CUX element such as a chatbot, you can encourage people to ask what information they are looking for in order to deliver it to them within seconds.


Real-Time Responses

While FAQ pages are useful, they may require some time to find the exact question that a user is wanting to know the answer to. A chatbot can easily mitigate this issue by converting this tedious one-sided FAQ page into an interactive conversation to resolve customer queries in real-time. 

Personalized Experiences

While most companies provide the same generic greeting to all its users, a chatbot powered website can learn to begin each conversation by first retrieving a user’s name. Once it has this information it can begin each conversation with this personalized touch. Additionally, if the user leaves without converting, the bot can ‘remember’ him/her next time they visit the site and offer them recommendations based on their previous actions. This personalization can create a more welcoming feeling and can increase the probability of a user making a conversion.

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