Adaptive Communications

What is Adaptive Communications?

Adaptive Communications ensures easy bi-directional communication, through text, touch and voice capabilities, between its clients and their end-users.

Unlike rigid intent-based chatbots that require thousands of inputs to generate a simple output, an Adaptive Communications Platform (ACP) combines computational linguistics, knowledge graph automation and natural language understanding to adapt messaging and processes to ever-changing data sources across multiple channels.Traditional conversational AI relies on the building of intent-based flows and use cases while Adaptive Communications  ingests the human language first before continuously layering use cases and skills on top of its understanding engine.

Adaptive Communications becomes more contextually aware over time with minimal human intervention needed to provide end-users with consistent streams of accurate information. As a result, the language-based interfaces that make up Adaptive Communications can keep up with ever-changing content, datasets and customer demands.

Quick to deploy, easy to maintain and simple to scale, Adaptive Communication Platforms are built on three main pillars:

  • Speed – using knowledge graphs to automatically ingest information and computational linguistics methods to query it without relying heavily on Machine Learning.
  • Simplicity – providing conversational AI interfaces in a plug & play manner without taxing efforts on the customer end.
  • Scalability – adding new use cases, skills and parameters as well as updating existing ones automatically.

Already widely adopted across healthcare, real estate and government—including clients like Mercy Health, Novant Health, Carroll, and Contra Costa County, CA—Hyro’s own Adaptive Communications Platform has positioned it as the go-to solution for organizations looking to meet customers and employees in any conversational setting without expending heavy business resources.

Learn more about Hyro’s plans to create a fully adaptive future here.

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