Open the gateway to better governmental services, 24/7.

Citizens expect to be able to access governmental services quickly and easily, at any time. Government agencies are rising to the challenge with conversational solutions that scale.

Using AI-powered voice, text and touch capabilities, governments are reducing their reliance on live support agents, leading to improved interactions, better assistance and critical cost-cutting.


Reveal what matters most to your citizens

Capture conversational data that will revolutionize your relationship with the public. Leverage the interactions that drive revenue by understanding high-demand services and content across all digital channels.


Create total visibility with conversational intelligence

Understand the language of renters, buyers and sellers with NLU-powered insights, and configure your content to match the top services and information they're truly after.

Intent Discovery

Detect trending topics in real-time and optimize your digital strategy accordingly.

Revenue Attribution

Evaluate conversational ROI with engagement and conversion metrics that matter.

Quality Analysis

Monitor understanding rates and take a deep dive into conversation logs for added clarity.

Use cases

Conversational AI covers a wide range of assistance for your citizens.

COVID-19 Alerts & Information
Automate outreach to millions of concerned citizens regarding the pandemic, keeping health and safety top of mind. Answer key questions, perform risk assessment, and connect citizens to corresponding health services.
Taxation, Billing & Unemployment
Replace obsolete forms with hyper-efficient flows with Hyro's conversational AI platform. Navigate tax-payers to the proper paperwork, guide unemployed citizens in applying for benefits, and easily collect billing information.
Voter Registration
Help citizens register to vote in their upcoming local and national elections. Keep track of drop-off rates and engage through SMS, among other channels, sending automated reminders for critical dates and changes.
ID & License Renewal
Use conversational artificial intelligence to Fast-track the often sluggish pace of identification and license renewal for automobiles, state ID, businesses and beyond. Save citizens time and effort while seamlessly converting more renewal payments.
Find Services, Programs & Locations
Ensure a steady flow of digital traffic to key governmental services and programs, including welfare, disability benefits, small business aid and child support. Taking it offline? Quickly serve up office locations and opening hours.
Schedule & Confirm Appointments
Enable end-to-end online booking with governmental agencies using natural language understanding. Hook into any API to automate the scheduling of appointments and easily send that information to a CRM or database.


Amount of queries that can be automated by AI


Increase in average response time with AI-powered agent


Average reduction in cost of customer support services
Serve your citizens at warp speed.
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