Patient Journey Analytics

Level Up Your Digital Patient Services with Real-Time Analytics

Extract rich conversational insights from patient interactions across your digital channels. Gain an impartial, 360° overview of patient behavior, including in-demand topics and main call drivers, to inform clinical, operational, and business decisions.


Why Hyro
Leave the Guesswork Behind
Support patient retention strategies with data

Reveal Px issues and patient access gaps before they appear in your PSAT scores. Use real-time data to reinforce your patient engagement, acquisition and retention strategies.

Boost service utilization across all channels

Effectively divert and allocate resources within your organization by obtaining unrivaled clarity around health services utilization patterns through conversation logs and analytics. 

Tear down health system

Easily access and distribute anonymized first-party conversational data to align your administrative, IT, and patient services departments around a single source of truth.

Being able to point to qualitative and quantitative analytics and say that we’ve automated a certain volume of tasks via Hyro, to showcase the differences we’re making organizationally; that’s game-changing
Julian Ammons, Director of IT Digital Cloud Development Operations at Baptist Health

Better Reporting, Higher ROI

Generate lucid reporting on patient access, service utilization, and satisfaction.
Accurately gauge your return on technology investment by measuring your
Goal Completion Rate, First Contact Resolution, Average Hold Time, and other KPIs
across your most valuable communication channels.

Prove the impact of your patient access efforts

Provide your health system’s leadership with automatically-mined statistics on the efficiency and operational impact of your communication channels. Hyro allows patient-facing teams and executives to base their decisions on conversation-based metrics, such as appointments scheduled, average speed to answer, agent hours saved, and more.

Sanitize your data and optimize care delivery

Sanitize your health system’s data with automated knowledge management. Uncover missing content and information to swiftly update and rectify while doubling down on most requested services through top trending specialties, physicians, and call drivers.

Follow every patient journey from first touch to resolution

Unveil a 360° view of your calls and messages, aggregated from all channels. Filter conversational data through keywords, utterances, and timeframes to zero in on actionable ‘voice of the patient’ insights. Get comprehensive engagement and drop-off breakdowns to assess your AI assistants’ performance and optimize the patient journey. 

Success story Spotlight

Contra Costa Health Services Increases Goal
Completion Rate by 450% with Call Center &
SMS Automation


Increase in Goal
Completion Rate


Of All Calls
Deflected to SMS


Success Rate for
MyChart Password

Deploy a digital workforce
built for healthcare

Call Center Automation

Deflect repetitive tasks from your agents and eliminate departmental burnout and operational inefficiencies with AI-powered call center automation. 

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Key Integrations

Easily connect Hyro’s Patient Journey Analytics with Epic, Cerner, Salesforce, and other trusted EMRs, CRMs, telephony systems, and apps via simple custom-built integrations.

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Omnichannel AI Assistant

Field unlimited patient inquiries across web, mobile apps, and SMS by providing instant and accurate answers and services.

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Patient Journey Analytics

Removing Ambiguity from Patient Conversations

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, staying ahead requires more than intuition and guesswork. That’s where Patient Journey Analytics comes in—a game-changing approach that supplies healthcare providers with the conversational insights they need to make data-driven decisions, leading to improved patient satisfaction and better digital care delivery.


Gone are the days of long hold times and patient friction caused by poorly designed digital experiences. With Patient Journey Analytics, healthcare providers can analyze data from various touchpoints along the patient journey to identify bottlenecks and take action to address them. This results in reduced wait times, increased PSAT scores, and consumer-brand-like patient engagement and experience. 


Patient Journey Analytics also has a broader impact on population health. By analyzing data at a population level, healthcare providers can identify patterns and trends that impact health outcomes. This allows for targeted interventions and service improvements, leading to healthier communities, wider care access, and more effective resource allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient journey analytics empower healthcare organizations to extract actionable insights from patient interactions.


By capturing, monitoring, and aggregating patient conversations across multiple digital channels, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of patient access and engagement. This comprehensive overview enables healthcare providers to identify areas for improvement, optimize the patient experience, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall healthcare delivery.

Health systems derive multiple benefits from employing analytics platforms. Firstly, they can base their decision-making processes on aggregated conversational data, monitoring interactions across diverse communication channels to enhance operational efficiency. For instance, analyzing conversational data that reflects an increase in requested clinician services enables resource reallocation and identification of potential service bottlenecks, leading to more streamlined operations.


Patient journey analytics play a crucial role in improving patient satisfaction and overall outcomes for healthcare teams. By identifying and addressing weak points at different stages of the patient journey, providers can enhance access to care and engagement. This involves addressing issues such as long wait times, scheduling availability, and IT support queries, among others. By leveraging patient journey analytics, healthcare teams can optimize the patient experience and improve overall care delivery.

Healthcare analytics platforms play a vital role in enhancing the patient experience by effectively identifying friction points, care gaps, and operational issues for patient-facing teams in real time. This enables healthcare providers to promptly address patients’ needs and improve their overall experience. By leveraging immediate feedback from multiple channels, health systems can gain a deeper understanding of patient communication preferences and tailor improved experiences for each specific channel.


For example, through data analysis, health systems can pinpoint the primary factors driving their call center’s workload. Armed with this knowledge, they can implement call center automation techniques to achieve faster response times, whether through automated responses or by guiding patients to relevant sections of the website. This approach helps to reduce wait times and the average time it takes to resolve patient inquiries.


Given the significant volume of patient interactions that health systems handle on a daily basis, the ability to visualize and comprehend data in real time through analytics platforms becomes even more critical for delivering efficient and effective care.

By automatically capturing and aggregating patient interactions through dedicated platforms, healthcare organizations can ensure that conversational data is standardized, consistent, and less prone to errors and assumptions. This consistency plays a crucial role in enabling patient access, engagement, and marketing teams to identify and address knowledge gaps within the health system in a timely manner. Furthermore, real-time access to conversational data empowers these teams to provide accurate reporting, enabling healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions based on reliable information.


For example, health systems that have leveraged Hyro’s conversational intelligence have been able to uncover missing information and promptly rectify errors as soon as they were identified through patient queries. Additionally, they have gained insights by analyzing trends and patterns in patient conversations. This valuable information allows them to prioritize specific medical services and specialties, identify highly sought-after physicians, and make data-driven improvements to enhance the overall patient experience.

Unlock the data within patient communications
to drive better digital engagement.