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How Montefiore Used Hyro’s Virtual Assistant to Handle Traffic Spikes Caused by COVID-19

By mid-March, the spread of COVID-19 was threatening to overwhelm the U.S. healthcare system, especially in New York and the extending tri-state area where numbers were dramatically higher than elsewhere in the country. Efforts to stymie the spread of infection through social distancing threatened to overload communication channels, spawning massive backlogs in medical care, attention and testing. Montefiore Health System quickly recognized the uptick in patient traffic that was due to hit their website surrounding COVID-19 but also understood that this would lead to demand for other digital patient services as well. With Hyro's conversational AI, Montefiore could automate certain support systems, leaving their communication lines clear while boosting patient engagement and satisfaction.

Here’s a quick summary of the results Montefiore Health System has been able to achieve since deploying Hyro's conversational AI:

395,000+ impressions
18,000+ engagements
6,000+ conversations
550+ conversions
40% completion rate of the COVID-19 risk assessment

Download our case study to:

  • Understand how Montefiore Health System automated COVID-19 symptoms triaging, FAQ and risk assessment in under 48 hours
  • Discover how conversational interfaces can instantly drive business value, including increased patient engagement and conversions
  • Learn how conversational intelligence can generate patient insights that allow for health systems to optimize their digital offering
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