The new era of bot building is here.

No training data. No pre-defined flows. Just add business logic and start talking.

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Build smarter voice & chat bots with open source conversational AI

Free, open-source bot

Easily built for any purpose, in any programming language, completely free.

Declarative configuration

Focus on what matters to your users. Provide simple knowledge & action inputs - our NLU engine will do the rest.

Minimal requirements

No training data, no complicated conversational flows, quickly embedded.

No custom training. No conversation trees.

Define what the bot knows

What the assistant knows and can communicate to end-users.

The assistant should know that our opening hours are 2pm to 10pm.

Define what the bot can do

What the assistant actually achieves on behalf of the end-user. This is usually done via foreign APIs which the assistant can call.

The assistant can order a pizza by calling and giving a phone number, address and pizza size

Agenda in action


  • question: what are your opening hours?
    answer: 2pm to 10pm.


  • url:
          - I want to order pizza
           - I want pizza
         - key: phone
               type: phone
               ask: At what number can we reach you?

Easily configured for any business need.


Billing & transactions

Directories & catalogues






Intent-based bots suck.

Typical chatbots demand too much manual labour and maintenance.  Standard Conversational AI is limited to specific intents. And the answers they provide are simply not good enough.

That's where Agendacomes in.
Better communication. Less heavy lifting.

Quickly build your chatbot for any business need, without custom training and with minimal data collection. Leverage Hyro's NLU engine to speicify the bot's abilities & what it knows - and provide your users with better answers.

Built for developers. Built for scale.

Our open source chatbots are flexible, reusable and offer:

  • Less configuration
  • Easy composability
  • Simpler, faster deployment in any service.

Seamlessly integrate with

Easily build bots in an open source framework

  • No training data
  • No pre-defined flows
  • Quick deployment
  • Better answers for your users.

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