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Top enterprises and
technology providers are
teaming up with Hyro.

Top enterprises and
technology providers are
teaming up with Hyro.

You’re the domain experts in your industries, we’re a leader in conversational AI. We’re dedicated to making all automated experiences flawless, across call centers, websites, SMS, and more. Join the Hyro Alliance to access the tools, training and support needed to drive revenue, accelerate sales momentum and deliver excellence to your ecosystem.
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Our Partners

Salesforce Techology

Hyro, a certified Salesforce partner, offers end-to-end integration with Salesforce Health Cloud, Service Cloud and Experience Cloud, enabling users to launch AI assistants across web, mobile and contact centers from within their Salesforce org and automate patient support queries in a secure, HIPPA-compliant way.

Artera Techology

Artera Care Assist, powered by Hyro, enables health systems to deploy AI assistants within Artera's platform and deliver an integrated patient communications solution that drives staff efficiency and facilitates an improved patient journey across channels.

AVIA Marketplace

AVIA helps their member health systems to digitally transform in order to improve patient outcomes, streamline processes, and reduce costs. By promoting Hyro on their marketplace, AVIA is invested in enabling health systems to embrace AI-powered solutions.

Gozio Health
Gozio Health Techology

Gozio Health partners with health systems to increase consumer engagement using a proven mobile platform and strategy, giving systems the flexibility to consolidate all their patient-facing digital solutions into one premium native mobile experience. By partnering with Hyro, health systems can further improve that experience with AI-powered voice and chat interfaces that easily layer on top of mobile apps.

Panda Health
Panda Health Marketplace

As a Panda Awarded Supplier in the Conversational AI category, Hyro offers Panda Health's network of organizations a suite of omnichannel AI virtual assistants. Customers of Panda Health's Marketplace can quickly access Hyro's solutions to meet their strategic digital goals, integrate with their current tech stack, and provide proven ROI.

Kyruus Health
Kyruus Health Channel and techology partner

Hyro seamlessly integrates with Kyruus Health’s search, match, and scheduling solutions to enable better patient engagement. With the #1 clinical taxonomy in healthcare, Hyro has turned a top-notch physician directory into stellar conversational experiences.

Microsoft Channel and marketplace partner

Hyro won the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for achieving high level co-sell and Azure Marketplace status in the enterprise healthcare space, including winning deals with 3+ major healthcare organizations.

Infermedica Channel and techology partner

Infermedica is the leading patient triage solution. With Hyro & Infermedica, health systems can deliver robust symptom assessment data from Infermedica via Hyro’s AI-powered voice and chat interfaces, and discover what patients are truly searching for through our advanced conversational analytics.

Twilio Investor and strategic partner

Cloud Communications meets Adaptive Communications. Hyro integrates with all of Twilio’s Cloud Communications Suite, most notably, their live agent messaging tool: Twilio Flex. Twilio Inc. is also a strategic investor in Hyro, having participated in our most recent capital raise.

Epic Emr
Epic EMR Techology

Hyro offers end-to-end scheduling with Epic EMR Systems to enable frictionless scheduling for patients and providers over the phone. Hyro also offers MyChart password resets and FAQs via web-based AI assistants. Our solution is live on Epic’s AppOrchard, being used by Weill Cornell Medicine, Contra Costa County and more.

Patient Access Collaborative
Patient Access Collaborative Channel and marketing partner

PAC partners with top leaders from health systems across the US. Hyro is one of four industry partners within this forum, advancing initiatives that can vastly improve patient access to ambulatory care. PAC and Hyro have co-hosted numerous webinars with industry stalwarts like Jefferson Health and Baystate Health.

Phunware Techology

Phunware helps health systems who want to improve the patient experience and prevent patient leakage with a comprehensive Digital Front Door. Patients use the mobile app to schedule appointments, view doctor directories, interact with MyChart, and find their way around the hospital campus. By unifying all systems, including Hyro AI-powered voice and chat into a single mobile application, healthcare systems can engage with patients while improving operational efficiency.

Clearsense Techology

Clearsense has one of the best Data Management Platforms in healthcare, and it’s now queryable by natural language. By tapping into their end-to-end data integration layer and enrichment hub, Hyro is supplying more accurate, real-time information to patients across the US.

Knock Crm
Knock CRM Techology

Hyro fully integrates with Knock CRM, a leader in leasing management for multifamily, offering a full sync of renter information and lead collection gathered via Hyro’s AI-Powered Leasing Assistants at Rent, Westland and other property management companies.

Yardi Techology

The #1 PMS for multifamily is now integrated with Hyro’s AI-Powered Leasing Assistants. Renter information is now automatically updated for over 150 property management companies in Hyro’s multifamily customer portfolio.

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Partner Spotlight
Partner Spotlight

Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft has been an integral part of our growth. Hyro is part of
the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, for fast-evolving
startups that:

Why Hyro

Join the Hyro Alliance and spread
best-in-class conversational
experiences across the globe.

Join the Hyro Alliance and spread best-in-class conversational experiences across the globe.

Call Center Automation

Automate over 85% of routine calls without human intervention to wipe out long wait times, increase productivity and reduce stress on customer-facing teams

AI Assistants

Eliminate repetitive tasks with AI assistants that perform skills on behalf of burnt-out staff to achieve better engagement and operational efficiency

Actionable insights
Capture a wealth of information from your customer interactions, automatically, with 24/7 access to raw conversational data that ensures workflow optimization
What Industry Leaders are Saying:
We are excited to partner with an innovative company like Hyro to help healthcare organizations fully leverage their investments in provider data to connect patients with the right care—across channels—through a convenient, modern experience.
Gail Airasian
GM for Emerging Markets
Hyro earns designations like Microsoft Partner of the Year due to their grit, values, and culture. They exemplify what we value in our partners: closing co-sell wins; gaining traction at conferences; and delivering impactful solutions to our joint enterprise customers.
Sally Frank
WW Lead – Health & Life Sciences

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Sign up for the Hyro Alliance to unlock better conversational journeys.