Adaptive Communications Platform

AI at the Push
of a Button

With omnichannel communications and analytics in one
platform, you can handle unlimited calls and messages
while automatically collecting key business insights.

Enterprises are Going Adaptive

360° coverage of all your customer
interactions — with conversational AI
that adapts to your data

The benefits of adaptive communications

ROI, not R&D. Achieve 60x faster time to
value from AI assistants with zero
investment from IT teams.

We Are

Lightning fast to deploy

Surpassing the next-fastest solution by 173 days, Hyro’s conversational AI platform is #1 in time to value.

Effortless to maintain

Save over 350 hours per year spent on building bots and maintaining complex conversational flows.

Simple to scale

End manual configuration of decision trees and implement additional skills across your enterprise.

So You Can

Handle 10x more inquiries

Cover 10x more requests and topics than other conversational AI solutions using Hyro’s NLU engine.

Resolve over 85% of tasks

Optimize efficiency by letting support teams focus on complex cases while automating repetitive tasks.

Communicate cross-channel

Gain conversational insights from interactions across your websites, call center, and mobile apps.

Trusted by adaptive organizations,
trophied by adaptive institutions

We found Hyro to be the right solution to scale automation across multiple channels and help us enhance service levels for our team members, medical staff and patients alike.
Aaron Miri, SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Baptist Health Jacksonville

Digital Health 150


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Conversational AI Solution

Call Center Automation

100% of call center
traffic, intercepted

Provide stellar, standardized experiences for every caller. Eliminate wait times with self-service options, route conversations accurately to the right agent, and cut call center operation costs while maintaining full capacity.

AI Assistants

24/7 support & navigation
for all website visitors

Replace outdated chatbots to start resolving over 85% of your web-based inquiries, like scheduling, FAQs and more. Unlock better access to services, improved customer satisfaction, and increased conversion rates–without needing to build or update any workflows.

Conversational Intelligence

Real-time visibility into
channel performance

Your chatbots, IVR systems and manual agents have created a big black box–until now. Finally, understand how your conversations are impacting the customer journey. Unlock insights around critical workflows across all your key channels, like engagement and conversion metrics, trending topics, missing terms and more.

Improving the metrics that matter


Automation rate for all repetitive calls and messages


Average Return on Investment (ROI)


First Touch Resolution Rate




Adapting to the technology
partners you trust and rely on

No hidden headaches here—no matter where the data is coming from.
Seamlessly connect to the CRMs, EMRs, telephony systems and other critical
tools that power your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprises are facing increased expectations to provide excellent customer experience through all digital channels. In reality, though, most companies struggle with meeting those expectations, especially in light of staffing shortages. Conversational AI platforms enable companies to automate and handle customer interactions at scale while providing 24/7 availability across multiple channels. Using AI virtual assistants, organizations can resolve repetitive queries automatically, allowing agents to deal with more complex customer-support tasks.

While choosing a conversational AI solution for your enterprise, it’s important to consider key aspects of the platform:


Technology: What natural language processing capabilities does the platform offer, and does it require you to build conversational workflows manually?


Setup and maintenance: How long would it take to deploy the solution, and how much effort would it take to maintain conversational flows?


Channels supported: Is the platform only relevant for text-based channels, or can it also be deployed on call centers and other voice-based modes of communication? 


Analytics and insights: does the platform provide conversational insights that would improve the organization’s decision-making? 


Integrations: does the platform allow the best, most seamless integration with your tech stack (CRMs, customer engagement platforms, and others)?

Traditional conversational AI chatbots, or IVRs, used by enterprises in various industries, rely on the manual building of intent-based flows. That requires constant maintenance, and in order to improve interaction quality with customers, most conversational AI platforms use machine learning, which demands a hefty investment of resources and time.


Hyro’s Adaptive Communications Platform, in contrast, is the best option in terms of deployment and maintenance, as it doesn’t require building conversational flows. With Adaptive Communications, Hyro scrapes data from multiple sources, maps them into a knowledge graph, and adds layers of natural language understanding (NLU). Through Hyro, conversational AI is easily deployable in different channels, such as websites and call centers, and more importantly, it allows adaptive self-learning from day one.


Client interactions become feedback loops by providing real-time data and insights to teams, improving the quality of responses, customer satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness.

Our adaptive communications platform supports call centers, websites, mobile apps, social messaging apps (including business applications), and conversations through SMS. 

Unlock your digital potential with the #1
adaptive communications platform.