Key Lessons Learned from Shift Forward Health — 2022 & Beyond

Featuring Jared Johnson,
Consumer Transformation Champion, Podcast Producer


After having produced more than 500 episodes on Shift Forward Health, the podcast for progressive healthcare leaders, Jared Johnson could’ve shared 500 eye-popping insights (if we had the time).

On this episode, Jared, who has also created a contagious framework for healthcare organizations to lead with disruptive innovation, shares the absolute best lessons learned from all these years spent interviewing key executives in the industry. He lets us in on his mission to make healthcare consumer-first by waging war on silos, lip service, and bureaucracy, and by bringing the tools and innovative mindsets of change-makers to the mainstream.

Tune in as we uncover the top challenges CIOs face today, reveal Jared’s vision of the ideal patient journey, and read his crystal ball on digital healthcare for years to come.

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About the host

Liat Kozuch

Podcast Host at Hyro

Part production junkie, part people lover, Liat's passionate about making genuine connections and amplifying peoples’ life stories. With exposure to Hyro’s champions at leading health systems, she started Patient Journey Pioneers to expose strategies from healthcare’s most influential digital leaders and C-suite executives, who share insights that are inspiring the industry to move further and faster than ever. Join the journey as Liat continues to seek the next-best-disruptor in healthcare.

About the speaker

Jared Johnson

Consumer Transformation Champion, Podcast Producer

Jared is on a mission to finally, once and for all, make healthcare consumer-first. How? By waging war on silos, lip service, and bureaucracy, and by bringing the tools and innovative mindset of the Disruptors to the mainstream. Part consultant and part thought leader, he shares provocative thinking for healthcare innovators. In his consulting work, he teaches a framework for healthcare organizations to finally get ahead of the curve and lead disruption. He also provides senior-level audio content strategy and produces some of the industry's most respected podcasts. He does whatever it takes to propel consumer-first healthcare forward – including hosting the Healthcare Rap Podcast, founding the Shift.Health Content Network, and always giving the industry a new perspective to think about. He is a digital transformation consultant, rapping keynote speaker, prolific content creator, marketing operations architect, Onalytica #DigitalHealth Top 100 Influencer, author of Connect the Docs: Put Digital Health Into Practice, and winner of the Medigy HITMC 2021 Marketer of the Year Award. When he isn’t playing digital hipster, he can be found running obstacle course races or hiking with his wife and their four children.

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Listen to more episodes

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