How Community Health Network’s CTO Implements (and Measures) Digital Transformation

Featuring Patrick McGill,
EVP, Chief Transformation Officer, Community Health Network


Patrick McGill, EVP and Chief Transformation Officer at Community Health Network lets us in on his approach to successfully implementing digital transformation processes within a healthcare organization. We discuss the challenges and responsibilities of system-wide change and how to accurately measure a project’s success (or failure).

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About the host

Liat Kozuch

Podcast Host at Hyro

Part production junkie, part people lover, Liat's passionate about making genuine connections and amplifying peoples’ life stories. With exposure to Hyro’s champions at leading health systems, she started Patient Journey Pioneers to expose strategies from healthcare’s most influential digital leaders and C-suite executives, who share insights that are inspiring the industry to move further and faster than ever. Join the journey as Liat continues to seek the next-best-disruptor in healthcare.

About the speaker

Patrick McGill

EVP, Chief Transformation Officer, Community Health Network

Patrick McGill serves as the Executive Vice President, Chief Transformation Officer. With over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, he leads Information Technology, Network Analytics, Patient Experience analytics, and more. Prior to his CTO role, he served as the Chief Analytics Officer developing the Network Analytics Center of Excellence. In addition, he has served as the Senior Vice President for Clinical Strategy and Vice President for Clinical Transformation. Dr. McGill has special interests in digital transformation, population health, value-based care, innovative payment models for healthcare, process automation, advanced clinical analytics, clinical decision support, workflow efficiency, and waste reduction. Under his leadership, Community Health Network has received numerous awards and recognition. A few include being named Most Wired each of the last 3 years and the 2020 Flywheel Award at the Health Analytics Summit. Dr. McGill was named to the Becker’s list of top 30 most inspiring Chief Transformation Officers in 2022 and was a finalist for the 2021 Chief Technology Officer of the Year presented by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

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