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Real Estate
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The Hyro Team

Hyro Announces New Integration With Knock CRM for Real Estate

Does Hyro Integrate with Knock CRM?

The answer to this question as of today is yes

We are thrilled to formally announce that Hyro's conversational AI platform is now officially and fully Knock CRM integratable.

What does this mean?

Upon integration, any prospect or resident interaction with Hyro's conversational AI platform for real estate will be automatically delivered to and stored within Knock CRM. Additionally, when Knock CRM updates, Hyro's conversational AI platform updates automatically and vice versa. Open tour slots, changing availability, and any other crucial pieces of information are seamlessly ingested by and embedded within Hyro's conversational AI platform and are reflected through every interaction with prospects and residents.

Possible Use Case Scenarios

  1. A prospect searches for a property within a Hyro AI-powered virtual assistant deployed on-site or as a call center voice assistant. Upon filtering results via voice and text to the prospect's satisfaction, the prospect decides to schedule an appointment to tour (in-person, self-guided, video, or 3-D) the property directly through the virtual assistant. In complete sync with Knock Prospect CRM, Hyro's AI-powered virtual assistant offers the most up-to-date available time slots, captures the prospect's contact information, and smoothly schedules and logs the appointment and prospect contact information in the property manager's Knock Prospect CRM. 

  1. A deployed Hyro virtual assistant, either on-site or as a call center voice assistant, serves as a digital front door to incoming prospects, thus acting as a funnel, deflecting prospect queries that can be bucketed as FAQs, general inquires, or of low quality. Equipped with a hand-off to live agent capability, the Hyro virtual assistant can direct queries that require human nuance and care to a designated representative. Having collected all the preliminary information from the prospect—contact details, preferred properties and amenities, etc.—the human representative is far better equipped to provide sterling, focused, and pointed service. This results in higher CSAT scores and live support centers boasting lower burnout and employee churn rates.

Knock and Hyro integration
Hyro and Knock, now fully integratable

About Knock

Knock is the performance management platform and CRM that accelerates leasing outcomes and improves visibility across the entire renter journey through automation, integration and data analytics. Multifamily management companies and operators rely on Knock to easily organize communication across every channel, coordinate and schedule tours, renew leases and leverage insights, boosting performance and overall over occupancy and rent growth. For more information, please visit 

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The Hyro Team
February 7, 2021
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