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Aaron Bours

Hyro and Kyruus Partner to Help Health Systems Automate Patient Engagement and Digital Self-Service

Partnership will Enable Healthcare Organizations to Enhance Conversational AI Experiences with Robust Provider Search and Scheduling Capabilities

Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for healthcare organizations, and Hyro, the leader in plug-and-play conversational AI, have announced a new partnership to help healthcare organizations streamline patient access and meet rising patient demand for digital self-service. The combined offering will allow healthcare organizations to augment Hyro’s Adaptive Communications Platform with Kyruus’ powerful provider search, match, and scheduling capabilities, enabling patients to easily find and book care within a single online experience.

Research shows that patients increasingly prefer digital channels to find and schedule care. However, a recent analysis of the top 20 US hospitals’ websites revealed that only 1/4 provide a virtual assistant, and less than half (40%) offer online scheduling for new patients within their find-a-provider experience—highlighting a significant opportunity that exists for hospitals and health systems to meet rising demand for convenient, self-service patient access.

Healthcare organizations will be able to utilize robust provider, service, and location data from KyruusOne®, Kyruus’ award-winning provider data management platform, to augment conversational experiences through Hyro’s Adaptive Communications Platform, including AI-powered chat interfaces with advanced conversational analytics. Powered by the Kyruus ProviderMatch Search API, the integration between KyruusOne and Hyro will allow joint customers to facilitate patient self-service via website assistants—providing patients a quick, intuitive way to search for a provider and book an appointment online. Together, the two solutions will help healthcare organizations boost online conversion rates and streamline patient access to care.

SCL Health, a $2.8 billion which recently merged with Intermountain Health, has already deployed the Kyruus and Hyro combination in an effort to maximize operational efficiencies for their 50,000 employees. SCL Health provides care through eight hospitals, more than 150 physician clinics, and home health, hospice, mental health and safety-net services, primarily in Colorado and Montana. To cover that span of care, SCL Health has over 2500 physicians on staff, all of whom have been efficiently organized in KyruusOne’s ProviderMatchⓇ Search API, and made available to patients via natural language from Hyro’s conversational AI, either via text or voice. SCL Health’s patients are able to self-serve online through a number of use cases, the most popular featuring physician search and appointment scheduling.

”Hyro’s core competency is automatically converting healthcare data into easy conversations for patients,” said Israel Krush, CEO of Hyro. “Through this partnership, Hyro and Kyruus can further improve patient access with best-in-class data throughout the entire patient journey—from matching the most relevant physician based on a patient’s needs and preferences, to successfully scheduling appointments and follow ups. We are proud to partner with a market-leading company that shares our commitment to creating value for the healthcare organizations we serve.”

How does the integration work? Hyro hooks into Kyruus’s API and maps provider data to a knowledge graph within their natural language engine—enabling omnichannel conversational interfaces for provider search and scheduling. When the data from Kyruus updates, the conversations update, with no maintenance or IT-related efforts required. As health systems acquire new hospitals, or increase the volume of providers within their network, Kyruus and Hyro scale seamlessly with that growth.

“Accurate, consistent, and real-time provider and location data forms the foundation for successful patient access and digital transformation strategies,” said Gail Airasian, General Manager for Emerging Markets at Kyruus. “We are excited to partner with an innovative company like Hyro to help healthcare organizations fully leverage their investments in provider data to connect patients with the right care—across channels—through a convenient, modern experience.” 

About Kyruus

Kyruus helps healthcare organizations connect people with the right care across their key access points. The company’s industry-defining provider search and scheduling platform enables leading health systems, hospitals, and medical groups nationwide—spanning more than 300,000 providers—to attract and retain patients with a modern and consistent access experience. Robust provider data management forms the foundation of the platform, helping people find the right providers and care settings for their needs based on rich, system-wide information. To extend its impact on care navigation, Kyruus acquired HealthSparq in 2021 to bridge payer and provider access channels like never before.

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Aaron Bours
June 16, 2022
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