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Guy Ling

Hyro Announces New Integration With Zendesk

Namaste, Zen masters, we're happy to share that as of this week, Hyro's conversational AI platform is officially and fully Zendesk integratable.

What does this mean?

Hyro's conversational AI omnichannel platform can now feed off information directly from your Zendesk CRMs for customer service and sales and replenish them with data collected through user interactions with Hyro's platform deployed on your digital channels. 

Plug and play integration and Hyro's singular information scraping and conversational delivery architecture ensure a sweat-free coupling of both technologies, mitigating any implementation and deployment efforts on your side. 

Possible Use Case Scenarios

Zendesk for Service + Hyro: Hyro's AI-powered virtual assistants deployed as conversational layers on websites, as call center voice assistants, or both, automatically engage with customers, troubleshooting their issues, providing them with relevant information, fielding FAQs, and more. Any customer interaction requiring further attention can be handed-off seamlessly to a human customer success agent, which has been fed with the vital information collected by Hyro's virtual assistant before taking the ticket. All Hyro interactions with customers are injected directly into Zendesk for Service, providing the entire conversation's transcript, as well as crucial intent data and insights. Furthermore, open Zendesk tickets can be resolved proactively through Hyro's conversational AI in the form of SMS messages, mobile apps, calls, and beyond. 

Zendesk for Sales + Hyro: Serving as a digital front door to your incoming leads, Hyro's conversational AI platform engages, nurtures and converts while reducing and deflecting customer churn rates. Equipped with cutting-edge natural language context understanding, Hyro's virtual assistants can comprehend human nuance that may indicate strong viability for a sale. For example, suppose during a customer-Hyro interaction, our virtual assistant recognizes buyer intent, such as questions regarding new products, sales, discounts, etc. In that case, it can flag the conversation to a dedicated live sales representative standing by on Zendesk's sales CRM to take over the conversation and maximize the transaction's potential. Furthermore, Hyro's conversational AI can carry out an entire sales opportunity from first intent to purchased product or scheduled appointment. The information gleaned from these interactions is stored within Zendesk and is translated into valuable insights that can be accessed through Zendesk's analytics suite and reports in order to help train the human sales team. 

Hyro and Zendesk now fully integratable 
Hyro and Zendesk now fully integratable 

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships. For more information, please visit 

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Guy Ling
May 10, 2021
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