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The Hyro Team

Hyro Goes Big on Experience and Talent Ahead of Series B, Announcing 3 Senior Executive Appointments

Natural language and conversational AI startup Hyro today announces a series of senior appointments that have joined the company: Daniel Ben Tov as VP of Research and Development, Paz Yanover as VP of Product Management and Cathy Jones as VP of Sales. Hyro helps enterprises streamline their communications through various channels such as customer service call centers, chat interfaces on websites, SMS and more, through natural language processing automation (NLP Automation) capabilities and Conversational AI. The announcement of these senior appointments comes after significant growth of the company since its inception in 2018 and towards the company’s Series B capital raise.

Daniel Ben Tov will serve as VP of Research and Development. Ben Tov (37) is married with 2 children, and joins Hyro with extensive experience in engineering. In his previous position at Atlassian, he served as Head of Engineering for the UI Platform, which provides the infrastructure and tools for extremely popular user interfaces like Jira, Confluence and Trello. At the request of the Atlassian founders, Daniel also led a special team for Atlassian to build a COVID-19 assistant for the Australian government during the pandemic. Daniel spent almost 3 years leading engineering teams at Jira, and spearheaded Jira's biggest cloud performance improvement since migrating to cloud. Prior to that, Daniel earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University and led development and engineering teams at startups such as Bizzabo and SCREEMO. Daniel is also a huge aviation fan having served in the Israeli Air Force and Unit 9900.

“Looking at the unique technologies here–I was excited about the opportunity to scale up Hyro, channeling a wide array of insights from time spent at great startups like Bizzabo, combined with the culture, knowledge and processes I’ve gathered (at scale) from Atlassian.”

Paz Yanover will serve as VP of Product Management. Yanover (44) is married with 4 children, with 18 years of extensive experience working with enterprise software products in managerial, technical and functional roles. He has previously worked for 3 years at Symantec and 5 years at Dell. Over the years, he has transitioned from being a dominant figure in engineering and development to becoming a senior executive in the product world, leading products from initial definition to successful launch. Prior to joining Hyro, Yanover served as Director of Product Management at Redis Labs and as VP of Product Management at Testim, recently acquired by Tricentis for approximately $150 million. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.

Cathy Jones will serve as VP of Sales. Jones (63), married with 4 children, has over 17 years of experience in the fields of strategy and sales in healthcare. Prior to joining Hyro, she served as VP of Sales and Sales Operations at Phynd Technologies Inc., from 2018 until Phynd was acquired by Symplr in 2021. Prior to that, she spent 13 years at Nuance Communications where she served as Vice President of Regional Sales overseeing the growth of Nuance's clinical documentation solutions that help providers document care in Epic, Cerner, and other EHR solutions. She was also Vice President as well as part owner/operator of Outsourcing Solutions Inc., a provider of medical transcription and editing services.

Israel Krush, CEO and Co-founder of Hyro, said “As we continue to strengthen our presence in healthcare, real estate and the conversational AI industry at large, we are thrilled to welcome talented executives–and phenomenal people–like Cathy, Daniel and Paz. Their vast and unique experiences will help us take Hyro from “early stage” to “early growth” as we become a market leader in our space.”

Hyro remains one of the only companies in the conversational AI space to choose language-based modalities, known as Adaptive Communications, in favor of a traditional intent-based architecture. While intent-based solutions have been widely adopted, Hyro believes that eventually the market will shift to intent-less models as antiquated virtual assistants continue to underperform for enterprises and under-delight customers. Their one-of-a-kind approach in the space is what netted Hyro Gartner Cool Vendor 2022 in Conversational and Natural Language Technology, as well as Juniper Research’ Best Conversational AI Solution 2022.

About Hyro: 

Hyro is the world’s first Adaptive Communications Platform. Featuring plug & play conversational AI and natural language automation, Hyro enables enterprises to streamline their processes and messaging across their most valuable platforms, services and channels—including contact centers, chat solutions, SMS and more. Headquartered in New York, Hyro delights clients like Mercy Health, Novant Health, CARROLL and Contra Costa County with conversational technologies that are quick to deploy, easy to maintain and simple to scale—conserving vital resources while generating better conversations, more conversions, and revenue-driving insights. Hyro was founded in 2018 by Israel Krush, Rom Cohen and Uri Valevski, and have raised $15M in total funding including a $10.5M Series A last June led by Twilio Inc. Learn more at

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The Hyro Team
June 28, 2022
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