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Aaron Bours

[Infographic] The State of Conversational AI in 2021

Conversational AI was always poised to take off in 2021. In fact, Gartner predicted that 80% of businesses would implement some sort of conversational interface by the end of this year. With the emergence of COVID-19 came compounded growth for the category - and we wanted to capture just how far we’ve come. So for the conversationally curious out there, we created this infographic that offers a clear depiction of where conversational AI stands at this very moment in time.

In this overview you’ll learn about:

• The different types of conversational AI

• The value and investment behind the technology

• How consumers and businesses are adopting conversational AI

• And more

We've written quite a bit lately on the intersection of COVID-19 and conversational AI across all industries, as well as the use cases that chat and voice technology can fulfill in our new reality. Now, this time around, we wanted to zoom way out to provide a high-level update of where we are, and where we might be heading.

We combed through hundreds of statistics and troves of data to pull out the figures that, in our view, most strongly reflect the state of conversational AI in 2021. 

The State of Conversational AI in 2021
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Aaron Bours
November 29, 2020
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