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Aaron Bours

Juniper Research Names Hyro Best Conversational AI Solution in 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing are in full swing and stories of excellence are seemingly all around us, as elite athletes from all corners of the globe come together to compete for the highest honor in the world of sport. 

While we may not win any medals for gravity-defying snowboard jumps or for hurtling ourselves down an icy track at breakneck speed, we’re proud to be recognized among the leaders in our own ultra-competitive space: the world of enterprise communications. 

Winning the Best Conversational AI Solution (Platinum) award for 2022 is a testament to our mission of helping organizations simplify their digital interactions at scale. On the heels of being named 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year, this second major industry recognition in just six months is further proof that our Adaptive Communications Platform addresses a major gap in the conversational AI market and is resonating with the needs of today’s enterprises. 

“We’re both honored and humbled to receive this recognition from the esteemed experts at Juniper Research and be counted among the leaders in our industry. It’s telling that our adaptive, natural language platform beat out traditional intent-based solutions and we’re more inspired than ever to push the envelope even further.” - Israel Krush, CEO & Co-Founder, Hyro  

About Juniper Research and the Future Digital Awards  

Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global high-tech communications industry, providing consulting, analyst reports, and industry commentary that is used by major media outlets as well as the biggest companies in the world.

Juniper Research established the Future Digital Awards in 2008 and, since then, has been recognizing organizations that have made outstanding contributions to their industries as well as those that are poised to make a significant future impact. Covering the fintech & payments, digital health innovation, and telco innovation sectors, the Awards are given to companies that deliver innovative products that offer tangible benefits to their audiences. 

The Enterprise Telco Innovation category honors the leading players in the enterprise telecommunications market across various segments, including Best Conversational AI Solution, where Hyro landed the Platinum award — the highest distinction in that category. 

According to Juniper Research, this year’s awards received a record number of applications, making choosing winners more difficult than ever. Entries were initially assessed by a Juniper Research analyst panel, which then formed a shortlist of potential winners based on a number of criteria, including product innovation, features and benefits, and certification & compliance. These shortlists were then assessed and scored according to a rigorous set of criteria and verified by a team of subject matter experts. Final winners were agreed upon and confirmed by the Juniper Research judging panel.

Hyro’s Award-Winning Approach 

So what was it exactly that inspired the Juniper Research judging panel to award Hyro Platinum distinction in the Best Conversational AI Solution category? 

The short answer: Our Adaptive Communications Platform, which is based on knowledge graphs (understanding relationships between terms) and computational linguistics (understanding sentence structure) that combine to essentially teach AI the human language. As a result, conversational AI interfaces can be up and running in days, rather than months. 

Now, for the long answer: 

If you come away from this article with one key lesson, let it be this: rigid chatbots and voice assistants running on intent-based flows that constantly break cannot support the complex needs of modern organizations. 

Other companies in the conversational AI space focus on intent-based chat and voice solutions, meaning "if X then Y". But, conversations are dynamic and flexible, and can’t be limited to a rigid flow chart of intents. That’s where Adaptive Communications comes in and flips the traditional intent-based approach on its head — by bringing an adaptive approach to natural language so that companies and their customers can communicate seamlessly and achieve more, together.

How Do We Do It? 

Hyro automatically scrapes a variety of data sources such as websites, databases, APIs, and more. Unstructured data is then mapped onto a knowledge graph, that is queryable by natural language through voice or text. Natural language understanding layers create a foundation for processing different types of phrasings, colloquialisms, attributes, and context with no training necessary. Hyro then generates a conversational AI assistant with text, touch, and voice capabilities that can be applied on websites, in call centers, and more. 

Benefits for Enterprises 

Because of our approach, enterprises do not need to constantly update their chat and voice interfaces based on ever-changing content. It also means that typical challenges with conversational AI, including adding new use cases to existing deployments, are nullified with the ability to layer on new data without retraining the model. 

Hyro operates at the intersection of a powerful natural language engine, omnichannel enablement, and knowledge graph automation. This approach ensures simplicity, as organizations can effortlessly deploy conversational interfaces across their digital ecosystems, without the high-cost maintenance processes later on with limitless scalability, as use cases can be easily expanded across platforms, services, and channels. Enterprises conserve vital resources while generating better conversations, more conversions, and revenue-driving insights. 

So, to recap, let’s revisit the award criteria:  

  • Product innovation: check 
  • Tangible benefits for customers: check
  • Significant impact: check

The bottom line: Hyro is the only platform that forgoes intent-based flows in favor of Adaptive Communications and it’s that approach that sealed the win. 

“None of what we do would be possible without the support of our outstanding customers, who have entrusted us to transform their communications stack with our technology. This win is just as much a testament to their success as it is to ours.” - Israel Krush, CEO & Co-Founder, Hyro  

The Enterprise Telco Innovation Winners 

We’re proud to be listed alongside these outstanding companies who are all standouts in their respective fields. Congratulations to all the winners!  

Best Conversational AI Solution

  • Hyro: Hyro – Platinum Winner
  • Zammo: Zammo – Gold Winner

Best Carrier Billing Solution

  • Boku: Boku Carrier Billing Platform – Platinum Winner
  • Digital Virgo: DV PASS by Digital Virgo – Gold Winner

Best Steering of Roaming Solution

  • Mobileum: Network Traffic Redirection (NTR) v8.0 - Platinum Winner 
  • TOMIA: Smart Steering – Gold Winner

Best RCS Provider

  • LINK Mobility: Link Messaging RCS – Platinum Winner
  • Route Mobile: Route Mobile RCS – Gold Winner

Best Mobile Video Solution

  • Orange Mobility: Orange Immersive Tour – Platinum Winner

Best CCaaS (Contact Centre-as-a-Service) Solution

  • CM: Mobile Service Cloud – Platinum Winner
  • Agora: Agora SDRTN Solution for Telco Carriers – Gold Winner

Best Conversational Commerce Solution

  • CM: Mobile Marketing Cloud – Platinum Winner
  • Sinch: Sinch Conversational API – Gold Winner

CPaaS Provider of the Year

  • Infobip: Infobip Customer Engagement Platform – Platinum Winner
  • Kaleyra: Kaleyra CPaaS Platform – Gold Winner 

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Aaron Bours
February 9, 2022
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