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The Hyro Team

Top Eight Sessions to Look Out for at HIMSS21

It’s the most magical time of the year again.

Well, at least for some of us. 

Vegas, here we come. HIMSS21, the biggest health IT event of the year, is right around the corner, it’s live, in person, and the Hyro team will be there. 

As is always the case at HIMSS, there are thousands of events, keynote sessions, and workshops to attend covering a broad spectrum of health IT topics. 

So, to mark this occasion and make your life just a little easier, we did the digital legwork for you to comprise this shortlist of the top eight sessions to look out for at HIMSS21:

  1. Leadership Panel: The State of the Industry. Monday, August 9 at 9:00 AM - 9:40 AM PST Wynn, Bandol 2: Just as HIMSS20 heralded the age of landmark conferences moving from the physical world and into the virtual sphere, HIMSS21 marks the beginning of the post-COVID-19 era. This panel featuring some of the leading figures in health IT will be covering the ways in which Machine Learning and AI have transformed the industry during the crisis and describe the roles they’ll play in the post-pandemic world.

  1. How Adaptive Communications Will Replace Intent-Based Chatbots and IVRs in Healthcare. Tuesday, August 10 at 4:40 PM - 4:50 PM PST Caesars, Booth C100 - Innovation Live - Startup Park: In mere days, COVID-19 would force healthcare organizations across the U.S. to reevaluate their communications channels; as millions of concerned patients reached out for answers and care, legacy chatbots, voice assistants, and IVR systems buckled under the pressure. In this live session, Hyro CEO Israel Krush will discuss how Adaptive Communications, including the application of machine learning, computational linguistics, and natural language processing, is providing automated interactions at scale for health systems looking to thrive through change.

Check out Israel's keynote session at Ai4:

  1. Panel: Social Determinants and Their Impact on Patient Experience. Monday, August 9 at 11:40 AM - 12:20 PM PST Wynn, Mearsault: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) have taken center stage over the past eighteen months, reflecting the inherent issues in access to healthcare once conditions radically change. In this panel, Madhur Garg (Montefiore Health System), Gayle Deadwyler (Cleveland Clinic), and Abner Mason (ConsejoSano) converge on how SDOH impacts the care experience and how we can ensure that all populations have equal access to the same care.

  1. Welcome to My Digital Front Door. Tuesday, August 10 at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST Venetian, Delfino 4104: What exactly is the Digital Front Door in healthcare? In this Digital Health Leadership study session, learn how some of the country's foremost healthcare systems are charting out and deploying their Digital Front Door strategies and what urgent insights they've gleaned from the journey so far. 

Read our latest blog post: What Is the Digital Front Door in Healthcare?

  1. Opening Keynote: Clinically Led, Operationally Driven - The Future of Excellence in Healthcare Delivery. Monday, August 9 at 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM PST Venetian, Lando 4301: A masterclass in healthcare delivery presented by Mercy's CNIO, Betty Jo Rocchio. Learn from a leader who forged the path to exceptional care delivery and operationalized this work. Hear what Mercy accomplished thus far, what it took to get there, and where the road ahead leads.

Mercy CNIO, Betty Jo Rocchio
Mercy CNIO, Betty Jo Rocchio

  1. What Healthcare Can Learn from Netflix. Monday, August 9 at 12:20 PM - 12:35 PM PST Wynn, Mearsault: In 2021, healthcare organizations are no longer only competing against one another. In the new attention economy (think Netflix, Google, Apple), having a patient portal is just not enough. It's time for healthcare systems to adopt a new understanding of their emerging landscape and refocus their resources on patient experience and engagement

  1. Advancing Cyber Risk Management Processes. Thursday, August 12 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST Caesars, Forum 123: They say that experience is the best teacher of all. In this session featuring Mark Ballister, Chief Information Security Officer at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), learn how one healthcare organization handled an aggressive cyberattack and built new processes to ward off the next one.

  1. Enterprise Digital Transformation. Tuesday, August 10 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST Caesars, Alliance 315: In early 2020, Geisinger Health launched a multi-year digital transformation program to transform patient and caregiver experiences. To implement this road map, Geisinger established a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to oversee the process and ensure that all milestones have been fulfilled. Hear from Executive Vice President, Chief Innovations Officer at Geisinger, Karen Murphy how they did it.

Let’s Meet At HIMSS

We’re sending over some of our best and brightest SuperHyros to Vegas. 

They’ll be waiting to meet you at all times at booth C100-83 - Innovation Live/Startup. So come by to say hello—awesome swag, engaging conversation, and great company guaranteed. 

Meet the Hyro team at booth C100-83 - Innovation Live/Startup (marked as a blue dot on the map)
Meet the Hyro team at booth C100-83 - Innovation Live/Startup (marked as a blue dot on the map)

Some Conversation Starters for When We Meet:

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The Hyro Team
July 6, 2021
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