AI Leasing Assistant for Multifamily

Automate the
Leasing Funnel

Overcome staffing shortages and enable your leasing agents
to focus on nurturing warm leads and relationships. With Hyro’s AI
Leasing Assistant for Multifamily, you can automate the answers and
services your prospects need across all channels at any hour.

You're in good company

Multifamily PMCs like yours were relying on bad chatbots and outdated IVR systems.

Multifamily PMCs like yours were relying on bad chatbots and outdated IVR systems.

By switching to Adaptive Communications, over 150 property management companies have been able to accelerate lead generation and lead qualification, automate routine renter interactions, and overcome staffing shortages and strain on leasing teams.

Automatically Resolve 85% of Repetitive Tasks

Your leasing agents are burning out. Enable them to focus on their primary goal – winning more leases.

Capture 100% of Opportunities

With 24/7 coverage, Hyro handles all leads without pause, prioritizing only qualified prospects.

Optimize Your Leasing Operations

Improve net revenue across your entire portfolio while staying efficient and lean.

What industry leaders are saying:

We were down to one leasing agent at Liberty, a property with 750 units, and we would not have survived without Hyro’s ability to automate a large portion of our incoming calls.
Dena Lernar, Marketing Director, Westland Real Estate Group
Since going live, Sterling Karamar’s AI Assistant has been our most productive employee, improving our lead-to-lease ratio by 600%. We’ve hit a record 70% call-to-tour ratio, up from 40%, and the volume of applications has doubled. It’s definitely been one of the fastest implementations we’ve ever seen!
Kara Panousis, Residential Leasing Manager, Sterling Karamar Property Management
We’ve seen a 35% to 165% increase in conversions since going live across our properties, all thanks to Hyro automating a few of our leasing processes.
Lindsay Duffy, Director of Training & Marketing at Western Wealth Communities
AI Leasing Assistant for Call Centers

Leasing office,
forever open.

Leasing office,
forever open.

Being offline or out-of-office is no longer an option. In multifamily, timing is everything. Hyro’s round-the-clock call center automation steps in whenever and wherever your live agents can’t, capturing every lead, with no ceiling on capacity.

AI Leasing Assistant for Websites

Supply on-demand online services to renters

Supply on-demand online services to renters

Powered by natural language, AI leasing assistants replace rigid chatbots and allow multifamily renters to find apartments, get answers to common questions and book tours. 

Conversational Intelligence

Advanced analytics for an optimized leasing funnel

Advanced analytics for an optimized leasing funnel

Remove the guesswork, reveal the facts. Start optimizing your leasing operations by quickly capturing renter insights, including top keywords and trends, customer journey analytics, knowledge gaps and more.

Multifamily Skills

Automate tasks across the multifamily
lifecycle with conversational AI

Automate tasks across the multifamily lifecycle with conversational AI

Define the actions, add the knowledge, and start. Plug and play skills are tailored to grow with
your enterprise, pre-loaded with the core competencies you’d normally find in onboarded full-
time employees.


Generate more booked tours with easy scheduling via phone or website, including after hours


Provide your users with the ability to quickly search through a property catalog


Provide answers for routine questions – and smartly route complex cases to live agents


Answer every frequently asked question – from pricing and availability to pet policies


Capture all inbound leads from calls and web-based inquiries, 24/7


Qualify your prospects with natural language, so you can focus on the most immediate leads

AI Leasing Assistant for Student Housing

Streamline key processes for prospects, parents and staff
with automated leasing services for student housing

Streamline key processes for prospects, parents and staff with automated leasing services for student housing

Hit 100% housing capacity, all the time, without the effort. Plug conversational AI right into your leasing workflows, vetting for low-risk residents, verifying applicant incomes and identities, and helping students find the perfect bedroom in the right unit.

During Peaks

Don’t survive – thrive – during pre-semester student housing waves. No matter when the move-in date is, stay ahead of the competition with a digital workforce that’ll handle high call volume with ease.

Improve Agent

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep agents focused on increasing resident retention, improving maintenance, and developing new marketing strategies for student homes.

Fill Vacancies at
Record Speed

Whether by SMS, call center or website, you can now quickly qualify and convert more student residents than ever before. Bring vacancy rates to all-time lows with 24/7 lead generation and lead qualification.

For Multifamily Property Management Companies with 30+ Properties:


Increase in Call-to-Tour Ratio


Increase Lead-to-Lease Conversion Rate


Average Hours Saved Per Month


HY-ROI Average Return on Investment


Seamlessly integrate with your favorite
proptech solutions

Supercharge your current tech stack with our plug-and-play platform:
connect with the most popular property management software, live chat
tools, engagement platforms, CRMs and call center software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Many multifamily marketing teams seeking to improve lead generation deploy conversational AI for real estate. Solutions like Hyro’s AI leasing assistants for real estate accelerate lead generation processes by automating procedures such as scheduling property tours more easily, qualifying leads through natural language, and providing relevant information for renters in a quick conversational form.

Conversational AI-based leasing assistants, powered by natural language processing, are designed to help property management companies automate and streamline their leasing operations. Primary use cases automated by AI leasing assistants include lead generation and qualification, scheduling tours, and searching through a catalog of properties. AI leasing assistants can be deployed on websites, mobile apps, call centers, and more and can be engaged with via voice, text, or both.  

Property management companies in multifamily are leveraging conversational AI to accelerate lead generation and qualification, automate routine conversations with prospects and renters (such as frequently asked questions and property search) and alleviate some of the pressure multifamily leasing teams are experiencing.


Conversational AI solutions like Hyro’s allow multifamily marketing teams to eliminate long wait times, avoid missed calls and boost their lead qualification through voice AI, SMS, and web AI assistants. 

Hyro’s AI leasing assistant replaces rigid chatbots that largely fail to operate and frustrate both end users and multifamily teams, as they are slow to build, hard to maintain, and impossible to scale. Hyro’s NLP-based assistants are easy to deploy, require no decision trees or learning phases, and provide a significantly improved customer experience, allowing multifamily renters to search for apartments, schedule tours, and accomplish a wide range of tasks easily.  Learn more about Hyro’s AI Assistants

Optimize your leasing funnel and book more
tours using conversational AI.

Optimize your leasing funnel and book more
tours using conversational AI