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A Critical Diagnosis
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Under pressure

67% of healthcare call center leaders find it difficult to prove call center ROI internally, and 74% feel pressured by their system’s executives to demonstrate that their call center could ever become a profit generator rather than a cost center.

A leaking bucket

39% of leaders point to staff burnout and turnover as the main drivers of inefficiencies in their call center, yet on average spend just 0.6% of their budget on tech to prevent them. In sharp contrast, 43% of their budget is sunk into labor costs.

Patient satisfaction
on hold

Just half (51%) of US patients are satisfied with their healthcare provider’s call center service. This should come as no surprise given that they wait an average of 4.4 minutes on hold, and only 52% have their issue resolved on their first call.

A GPT-powered future?

46% of call center leaders are planning to deploy or are already in the process of deploying LLM-based solutions (such as ChatGPT) to their call center within the next 12 months.

What's Inside?

  • Definitive benchmarks
  • Leading drivers of inefficiencies
  • Annual operating costs
  • Top tech tools used

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