Weill Cornell Medicine Increases Converted Appointments by 47% with Conversational AI

Featuring Curtis Cole, CIO at Weill Cornell Medicine
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New York, NY

Use Cases:

Patient Access -

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Weill Cornell Medicine is a leading academic medical institution with a strong mission to care, discover, and teach. On both a local and global scale, it is dedicated to enhancing human health by providing exemplary and individualized patient care, making groundbreaking biomedical discoveries, and educating generations of exceptional doctors and scientists.

Tech Integrations:

<div class="tagline">The Challenge</div>

Information overload

As one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States, Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) employs hundreds of physicians across multiple specialties, serving thousands of patients in the New York City area. 

With the goal of delivering an outstanding digital patient experience, WCM maintains a robust website complete with an extensive physician directory, self-access health services, informational articles, and a patient portal. 

Despite constant improvements to their digital front door capabilities, WCM noticed that online patient services were being underused due to overwhelming amounts of website pages and information. They pointed to cluttered website navigation as a key culprit, as patients were finding it difficult to find doctors, book appointments, and access their online portal.


<div class="tagline">The Solution</div>

A plug and play conversational AI assistant

WCM was looking for a conversational AI solution that would help patients seamlessly find physicians, book appointments, and troubleshoot patient portal issues. With a small IT team and a need for a quick rollout, they were searching for a platform that wouldn’t require heavy resources to deploy, train, and maintain while providing patients with a satisfying and hassle-free experience. 

Within just 14 days, Hyro generated a plug-and-play conversational AI assistant capable of understanding and responding to patient queries that required no training and zero coding.


Hyro’s process:

Hyro automatically ingested information from various data sources, including WCM’s physician directory (containing thousands of individual physician pages) as well as other resources relating to critical medical information. 

Next, Hyro’s natural language engine automatically translated WCM's physician attributes including each one’s location, specialty, accepted insurance plans, and scheduling availability to be queryable by natural language through text or voice, generating a conversational AI assistant capable of finding physicians based on multiple criteria and booking appointments directly within a customized conversational interface.


<div class="tagline">The Results</div>

More patients served, more meaningful conversions

After deploying Hyro, WCM noticed an uptick in key performance metrics, including more physician appointments booked and fewer patients navigating away from their website. They also observed that patients were staying on-site longer and consuming more information on different web pages.

These positive effects compounded over time — after six months of being live with Hyro: 



All told, Hyro’s conversational AI assistant helped WCM increase booked appointments online by 47%. The adaptive conversational interface helped direct website visitors to relevant information on the topic they were interested in, increasing the average number of pages looked at per session by a staggering 350% and ensuring visitors spent more time on-site. By helping direct visitors to highly relevant content, WCM’s website bounce rate decreased by 31%.  



Hyro’s conversational insights engine broke this data down to an even more granular level, providing WCM with critical information about the specific attributes patients were searching for and the most common terms found in their search queries.


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We made the strategic decision to invest in digital patient engagement services to improve our website navigation, increase access for existing patients, and boost new patient acquisition.We made the strategic decision to invest in digital patient engagement services to improve our website navigation, increase access for existing patients, and boost new patient acquisition.

Curtis Cole, CIO, Weill Cornell Medicine

What attracted us to Hyro was the sophistication and flexibility of their approach. They adapted to us rather than us having to adapt to them.

Curtis Cole, CIO, Weill Cornell Medicine

Hyro’s integration with Epic has been instrumental in enhancing the patient experience, particularly when it comes to booking appointments end-to-end.

Curtis Cole, CIO, Weill Cornell Medicine

Hyro’s ability to quickly add and scale new use cases with little client-side maintenance is increasingly valuable in a world where digital engagement has become essential.

Curtis Cole, CIO, Weill Cornell Medicine

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