Conversational AI
for Healthcare

Improve patient engagement and overcome staffing shortages
with HIPAA-compliant conversational AI, crafted for health systems

You're in good company

Health systems like

yours were relying on
manual support, bad
chatbots and IVRs.

By switching to Adaptive Communications, they’ve been
able to automate common interactions, alleviate stress
from healthcare teams, and meet the digital demand
from their patients.
Improve patient

Connect with patients on all
channels and navigate them to key
digital services.

Scale your operations

Deploy within 3 days. Update and
add new use cases effortlessly. No
expertise required.

Overcome staffing issues

Optimize efficiency by automating
routine tasks so teams can focus on
complex cases.

The real plug and play.
Give data, and go.

Call Center Automation

Leave the repetitive
calls to us

Patient access teams are overwhelmed and overworked with routine calls flooding their call centers. Route smarter, resolve
faster and prevent burnout with call center automation.

  • Automatically resolve or deflect over 65% of
    incoming calls
  • Free up your staff to deal with complex cases
  • Reduce patient friction and eliminate long
    wait times
AI Virtual Assistant

Navigate your patients to
the right digital services

Move beyond outdated healthcare chatbots with Hyro’s
NLU-based approach. Improve patient experience, optimize access to self-service, and boost engagement metrics without the heavy lifting.
  • Deploy in a matter of days, not months
  • Reduce the resources required to launch and
    maintain interfaces
  • Expand to new use cases and channels
Conversational Intelligence

Uncover unique patient
insights, automatically

Generate actionable insights from patient journey analytics in your health system, including top keywords and trends, patient engagement metrics, knowledge gaps and more.
  • Identify trends and set up alerts in real-time
  • Improve digital optimization and care delivery
    based on data
  • Generate customized insight reports worth
    sending internally
AI Skills for Healthcare

Leverage conversational AI to
automate critical routine tasks


Patients can find doctors easily, with multiple attributes, in their own natural language.

Patients can book, reschedule and cancel appointments with physicians, 24/7.
Patients can automatically refill prescriptions and get immediate access to pharmaceutical information.
Billing and

Patients can generate invoices and get immediate information on insurance claims.

Teams can route complex cases to the right agent automatically while resolving routine cases.

Teams can reduce time on form management and allow easy filling during an online chat.


Patients can get the most up-to-date answers to their most frequently asked questions at any time.

(SMS Deflection)
Teams can deflect repetitive tasks from call centers to SMS and provide faster response.

Teams can simplify site search for patients and provide a better conversational experience.

Health providers using Hyro chat and voice platform see on average:


Deflection of Incoming Calls in Contact Centers

Increase in Targeted Conversion Rate

Average Hold Time Decrease (to 3 seconds)

Health systems launch fast with us,
stick with us, and scale with us.


Of health systems saw positive results

in 3 months or less


Of health systems expand to

new channels within 6 months


Of health systems churn

(our customers love us)


“What attracted us to Hyro was their adaptive approach. Our physician data is now easily accessible—and we’re seeing 47% more appointments booked online.”
Dr. Curtis Cole
Weill Cornell Medicine


Hyro offered us a conversational interface that was customizable to our organization and could also be quickly launched within 48 hours as an out-of-the-box platform
Adrin Mammen, AVP,
Patient Access Transformation Officer,
Montefiore Health System


“We were able to automate 85% of all calls to our support center. Moreover, NLP gives us firsthand patient insights to drive decision-making. That is invaluable.”
Amber Fencl
Senior Vice President Digital Health & Engagement at Novant Health

America’s #1 EMR now
has deep integrations with
the leading conversational
AI provider for healthcare.

Hyro allows Epic customers to deploy a true omnichannel patient experience, including end-to-end scheduling over call centers, and critical MyChart skills for managing patient data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conversational AI technology facilitates patient interactions with healthcare organizations through natural language interfaces, including text and voice. By implementing conversational AI solutions, healthcare teams can automate various tasks and requests from patients, such as appointment scheduling, password resets, or prescription refills. This automation allows healthcare organizations to optimize their operations, improve access to care, and enhance the overall patient experience.


Conversational AI offers a notable advantage in healthcare by alleviating the burden on healthcare call centers and patient access teams. AI assistants are capable of deflecting and resolving a significant percentage of calls, often exceeding 85%. This means that patients can receive efficient and effective support without adding additional workload to customer service representatives.


Moreover, with AI-based smart routing, calls can be intelligently directed to the most appropriate agent or department based on predefined business logic. This ensures that complex cases receive the attention they require, leading to improved efficiency and a better patient experience.

Artificial intelligence, including conversational AI solutions like Hyro’s Adaptive Communications platform, can play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of access to care and satisfaction from healthcare providers. By leveraging these AI solutions, health systems can optimize their healthcare operations and improve the overall patient experience.


Conversational AI platforms like Hyro’s Adaptive Communications enable patients to interact seamlessly with healthcare systems through natural language interfaces. These platforms can automate various tasks that directly impact patient experience, such as appointment scheduling, physician search, billing inquiries, registration processes, password resets, and more. By automating these processes, healthcare organizations can streamline their operations, reduce administrative burdens, and provide more efficient and convenient services to patients.

Healthcare call centers often face challenges related to agent burnout and staffing shortages. Conversational AI offers valuable support to healthcare access centers by automating repetitive tasks that are commonly encountered by patients. This automation can significantly alleviate the workload on call center agents and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Conversational AI solutions enable automation of various tasks that are frequently requested by patients. For example, through call-to-text deflection via SMS, patients can easily handle tasks like password reset or prescription refill without the need for a live agent. This not only reduces call volume but also provides a more convenient and efficient experience for patients.

Conversational AI solutions in healthcare play a significant role in enhancing patient access and engagement within health systems. By leveraging natural language processing, these solutions enable patients to access healthcare services round the clock and engage in human-like conversations through automated tools, be it in voice or chat, across multiple communication channels.


Conversational AI effectively reduces friction for call centers and eliminates lengthy wait times through intelligent call center automation. It empowers patients to engage in self-service for routine tasks such as appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and other interactions that typically involve communication with healthcare system representatives.

Hyro’s AI healthcare assistant offers a superior alternative to rigid healthcare chatbots that often lead to frustrations for both patient engagement teams and patients. Unlike traditional chatbots, which rely on predefined conversational flows and require extensive learning phases to deliver value (often taking months), Hyro’s conversational AI assistants provide a more efficient and effective solution.


Healthcare organizations that implement Hyro’s conversational AI assistants experience quicker deployment with minimal involvement from IT and Digital teams. The NLP-based nature of Hyro’s assistants, coupled with the utilization of self-updating knowledge graphs, allows for easy maintenance and updates with minimal effort. Find out more about our AI Assistants

Improve patient experience by leveraging
conversational AI in voice and chat.