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Intermountain Health Achieves Multi-Digit ROI Using Conversational AI

Intermountain Health Achieves Multi-Digit ROI Using Conversational AI

Featuring Craig Richardville, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Intermountain Health and Mona Baset, VP of Digital Services at Intermountain Health

  • 91%

    Routes Successfully Identified

  • 44%

    Repetitive Calls Automated

  • -85%

    Call Abandonment Rate

  • 79%

    Online Goal Completion

In a Nutshell:

In a successful effort to improve operational efficiency and patient access, Intermountain Health deployed omnichannel AI Assistants to their websites, mobile apps, and call centers.


With Hyro’s Responsible AI-Powered Communications platform they were able to safely increase self-service success rates across channels for patients. Of patients who opt into available self-service capabilities, 79% of chats are successfully resolved end-to-end by the AI Assistants.

The Challenge
The Call Center Dillema: Rising Demand, Longer Waits
Intermountain Health faced rising call volumes across their multiple call centers. With agents struggling to meet increasing demand, patients found themselves waiting longer on hold, creating a less than satisfactory service experience. Recognizing patient expectations for the quality and speed of self-service options offered by retail brands, Intermountain Health sought to provide an omnichannel experience that would bring care to their fingertips.
Following many structural changes due to M&A work in the last several years, Intermountain Health was grappling with disparate technology solutions and siloed service lines. They aimed to centralize their services and create a unified view for their agents to better serve patients. The goal was to select key partners across conversational AI, telephony, and CRM to help centralize patient information and patient journey insights while elevating the patient experience across the entire health system.
Many patient inquiries and tasks can now be resolved end-to-end by Hyro’s AI assistants. Patients get what they need quickly and easily without waiting on hold, and agents can focus on the most complex calls.
Craig Richardville
Chief Digital and Information Officer
The Solution
End-to-End Resolution of Inquires with Responsible AI
Intermountain Health chose best-in-class vendors, including Salesforce, Genesys, and Hyro, to centralize operations and elevate patient experiences. Hyro’s seamless integrations, including with Intermountain’s Epic EHR, enable a 360-degree view of patient engagement.
Hyro’s AI Assistants guide patients via responsible, natural language-enabled conversations, resolving their inquiries end-to-end or navigating them to the correct point of care. Having implemented Hyro’s platform across their websites, mobile apps, and call centers, Intermountain Health quickly discovered that 27% of all inbound patient inquiries occurred outside of work hours—unanswered inquiries that are now being handled by Hyro’s AI Assistants 24/7.
With Hyro’s Smart Routing in our call centers, we saw a 85% drop in our abandonment rates and 79% improvement in speed to answer. That’s great performance and such a win for our patients!”
Mona Baset
VP Digital Services
The Results
More Goals Completed, Less Effort Required
Intermountain Health registered a 85% drop in call abandonment rates and a 79% rise in speed to answer. Moreover, patients were able to better self-serve, with 79% of chats resolved without agent involvement.
Within a short time of implementing Hyro’s AI assistants, Intermountain Health, achieved remarkable results. The contact center significantly improved operational efficiency, with 91% of calls successfully routed to the appropriate department and 44% of inquiries resolved through automated chat, without agent intervention. The AI assistant for the website proved highly effective, with 79% of patients attaining their desired outcomes, signaling a substantial enhancement in patient satisfaction.
One of the standout features which proved crucial for Intermountain Health wad the contact center’s 24/7 availability, addressing 27% of interactions outside traditional working hours. This flexibility not only catered to diverse patient schedules, but also contributed to an 85% drop in call abandonment rates and a 79% increase in speed to answer. With Hyro, Intermountain Health was able to demonstrate a substantial return on investment, saving hundreds of hours monthly, and significantly improving accessibility and patient satisfaction.
91% of routing done by Hyro’s AI smart routing capabilities has been successful. With IVR systems, you have 1-10 different options, and patients bounce around and get lost trying to figure out how to reach the right point of care. The fact that nine times out of ten, you can speak with Hyro’s assistant and be directed to the right point of care, is amazing.
Craig Richardville,
Chief Digital and Information Officer
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