Conversational Intelligence & Analytics

Reveal How Patients Interact
with Your Digital Services

Capture a wealth of information from your patients’ interactions, automatically and
in real time, to improve operational efficiencies and data-driven business decisions.

Finally, the
clarity you’ve
been looking for.

ROI isn’t only generated from the millions of
conversations you are automating per year.
Conversational AI analytics can drive key business
outcomes throughout your organization, and Hyro
enables you to access, analyze and act upon them.

Omnichannel insights for better operational efficiency

Visualize your conversational funnel
across calls, emails, SMS, mobile apps
and websites

No more siloed reporting. Hyro empowers operations, IT, and customer engagement teams to
aggregate and act on conversational data across all communication channels within one platform,
improving operational efficiencies with easy and intuitive feedback loops.

Conversational AI analytics are the perfect
compliment to powerful automation

Transform customer queries into an unfair competitive edge. Discover what
customers are searching for and uncover unfolding trends in real-time—so
you can solve customer pain-points before and after they appear.

Better Reporting,
Higher ROI

Optimize your digital channels and call center operations using accurate data from AI-driven conversations. Increase revenue, sharpen automation, and reduce support and operating costs.

Enhanced Engagement
and Support

Remove the guesswork behind customer journeys, channel engagement and user behavior – harness real-time feedback to ensure ever-improving customer experiences.



Execute the best digital strategies with clear reporting and KPIs. Inform business decisions and outcomes using customer word-of-mouth through easily shareable analytics.

User journey analytics

Discover what matters across your most important channels

Gain a 360° view of your calls and messages, aggregated from all channels. With accurate tracking of customer behavior, you can quickly spot drop off points in the funnel, uncover key trends, and share correlative data to help optimize your operations – like, which keywords impact more conversions.

Engagement & Conversion analytics

Keep tabs on KPIs for
engagement and conversions

Track the ROI of your AI assistants with conversion rates, breakdowns of CTAs and goals completed, satisfaction scores, and customized reports featuring engagement metrics, such as the percentage of callers who continued the conversation.

Knowledge Management

Bridge knowledge gaps and sanitize your data

Optimize your own data with automated knowledge management. With top keywords and trending topics, you’ll uncover the content and services that are missing from your database, and be able to update accordingly, enriching conversational experiences while driving better business decisions.

Dialog management

Ditch the black boxes, drill down into user conversations

Access rich conversational data, 24/7, including call recordings and chat logs. With deep filters, including keyword, utterance, and timeframe, you can stop manually digging through scripts to find the data you’re looking for – and easily unpack conversations for real ‘voice of the customer’ analytics that ensure explainability.

Natural language understanding (NLU)

Monitor and level up your
AI assistants

Get a pulse on how your assistants are performing with natural language understanding (NLU) metrics, such as understanding rate and error rate. Actionable NLU analytics enable full transparency into your AI assistants’ quality and functionality, so that steps can be taken to quickly improve outputs.

What industry leaders are saying:

The X-factor for us was Conversational Intelligence – being able to point to qualitative and quantitative analytics, to say that we’ve automated tasks via Hyro, to showcase the differences we’re making organizationally; that’s game-changing
Julian Ammons, Director of IT Digital Cloud Development Operations at Baptist Health Jacksonville
With Hyro, we were able to leverage data and analytics to help us add additional features to the AI assistants. These insights allowed us to adapt our information quickly to serve our patients with higher precision and speed.
Matt White, BI & Innovation Lead, Contra Costa Health Services
Everybody is trying to get to online scheduling, and Hyro is the fast track – the insights from Hyro’s dashboard allowed us to sanitize our provider data enough to open online scheduling for patients with confidence
Michael Hasselberg, Chief Digital Health Officer at University of Rochester Medical Center
Key Benefits

Inspire efficiency and profitability across the
entire organization with Conversational Intelligence

& Marketing

Gain insights that help turn prospects into customers

& Operations

Analyze 100% of inbound calls to improve operational efficiencies


Provide executives with game-changing data around critical use cases

Success story Spotlight

Contra Costa Health Services Increases Goal Completion Rate by 450%


Increase in Goal
Completion Rate


Of All Calls
Deflected to SMS


Success Rate for
MyChart Password

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Using conversational AI platforms, organizations can gain extensive customer engagement analytics. For example, Hyro’s adaptive communications platform collects customer data at scale through voice and chat AI and aggregates it for customer service and interaction teams. Enterprise decision-makers can analyze customer behavioral patterns, discover weaknesses in digital customer journeys, address common or frequent issues in real time, and drill down into specific, recorded conversations. 

Organizations can use conversational analytics to measure a wealth of metrics that help decision-making across marketing, sales, customer service, and executive branches. Data analysis from conversations with AI assistants and call centers can highlight metrics such as conversion rates, satisfaction scores (like NPS and CSAT), drop-off points, and more. Advanced ROI and cost savings calculations can be based on these metrics, allowing teams to become more data-driven.

Call center analytics can be derived from the collection and aggregation of incoming calls. With call center software for automation and analytics, companies can gather recordings and transcripts of calls (using natural language processing) and break down conversations based on their own KPIs. For example, the analysis of call center interactions can focus on types of questions and knowledge that feature heavily in calls to identify current knowledge gaps. In addition, call center analysis can focus on the sentiment of conversations (whether they’re negative or positive) to determine customer satisfaction.

Yes. While Hyro provides end-to-end analytics of interactions using our AI assistants or call center automation solution, you can also connect other analysis tools your organization uses into Hyro’s dashboard to get a complete picture of your business interactions. Integrations may include measurement tools for websites, mobile apps, email, SMS, and first-party data analytics such as CRM-based reports. 

Optimize your customer operations with
actionable insights from conversations.