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The Generative AI
Handbook for Healthcare

Grab this handbook to ensure you stay far ahead of the curve and learn how to bring responsible generative AI to your health system.

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Is your health system ready for generative AI?

According to McKinsey and Harvard, the US healthcare industry could save up to $360 billion annually with wider adoption of generative AI. The benefits are clear, but is your organization realistically prepared to embrace this technology?

Large Language Models, explained

Still trying to figure out precisely what large language models are? You’re not alone. Only 32% of Americans have a basic grasp of the topic. Get the handbook for a clear and comprehensive healthcare-oriented overview of LLMs.

A viable gen AI solution
for healthcare

What does a viable solution look like? With so many gen AI vendors touting their wares, how can you zero in on a tool that is safe for healthcare use and meets your system’s exacting needs? This handbook provides a simple blueprint.

The three pillars of
Responsible AI

Three pillars must be met for a generative AI solution to meet Hyro’s gold standard for Responsible AI: Explainability, Compliance, and Control. Grab the handbook to master all three.

The only responsible way to
bring generative AI to healthcare.