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From Cost Center to Value Generator: Transforming Healthcare Contact Centers with Salesforce & Conversational AI

From Cost Center to Value Generator: Transforming Healthcare Contact Centers with Salesforce & Conversational AI

Lara Richardson, Director of Digital Services and CRM at Intermountain Health, together with Salesforce's Sindhu Pandit, Global Healthcare Lead for Digital Health Strategy and Innovation and Hyro's VP Product, Uri Pintov, provide a blueprint for creating a unified solution that infuses Salesforce’s robust data capabilities with Hyro's conversational AI to transform your call center operations.

Healthcare organizations using Salesforce see a 35% increase in agent productivity on average, while those implementing conversational AI reduce operations costs by 25-35%. Health systems such as Intermountain Health are integrating conversational AI into their CRMs to transform their contact centers into value generators. That means more capacity with fewer resources, and drastically improved patient experiences.
In this webinar, which took place on November 15, 2023, we provide a blueprint for creating a unified solution that infuses Salesforce’s robust data capabilities with cutting edge conversational AI to transform your call center operations into the beating heart of your organization.

Gain insight into:


  • How to shift your contact center from a cost center to a value generator
  • Implementing AI via the Salesforce foundation you already trust
  • Key patient engagement insights that help reduce costs and empower staff.
  • How to create a robust patient journey that scales.



  • Lara Richardson, Director of Digital Services and CRM at Intermountain Health
  • Dr. Sindhu Pandit, Industry Advisor, Digital Health Strategy at Salesforce
  • Uri Pintov, VP Product at Hyro
  • Moderated by Daniela Levi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hyro

Main Takeaways

Millennial Parents' Digital Expectations

Dr. Sindhu Pandit, Industry Advisor at Salesforce, begins the webinar with an optimistic view about AI in healthcare, addressing concerns of transparency and trust. She highlights challenges, including a projected workforce shortfall and operational inefficiencies. Salesforce’s role focuses on leveraging technology, particularly AI, to bridge the relationship gap in healthcare, emphasizing responsible integration into operating models.

Salesforce's Role in Transforming Healthcare

Salesforce aims to enhance human interactions in healthcare through technology and has a two-decade-long experience in the field. Dr. Pandit discusses the need to automate tasks, allowing professionals to focus on complex issues. The trust gap in AI is addressed, emphasizing responsible integration and the critical partnership with Hyro based on shared values and a commitment to positive change in healthcare.

Navigating AI Waters and Building Trust through Partnerships

Partnerships are crucial in navigating AI complexities, with Dr. Pandit highlighting the trust gap as a key consideration. The partnership with Hyro is based on shared values, trust, and a commitment to responsible AI integration. She emphasizes the importance of selecting partners with aligned values and introduces Hyro’s role in driving operational efficiencies and personalizing experiences within the Salesforce platform.

The Case of Intermountain Health

Lara Richardson, Director of Digital Services and CRM at Intermountain Health, provides context for their organization spanning seven states with over seventy thousand caregivers. The term “caregivers” encompasses providers, nurses, and support staff, all contributing to patient care. Intermountain Health’s vision is to assist people in living their healthiest lives, setting the stage for their multi-year initiative to re-imagine the patient experience across numerous contact centers.

Revamping the Patient Experience with Technology

Intermountain Health’s contact centers faced challenges, primarily focusing on operational convenience rather than patient experience. Lara outlines the organization’s commitment to ensuring patients no longer endure long hold times or inefficient processes. Inspired by self-service models in other industries, the organization sought to streamline patient interactions, introducing capabilities like chat, text, and email for 24/7 support. Lara also delves into the partnership with Hyro, emphasizing the goal of offering patients a personalized and excellent consumer experience.

The Impact of Conversational AI

Lara shares the positive outcomes of their efforts, including a 91% success rate in call routing, a 64% reduction in call abandonment, and a 27% increase in call answering. The implementation of Hyro’s conversational AI achieved a 79% completion rate for patient goals during chat interactions. Lara highlights the importance of understanding patient behaviors through data, revealing peaks in conversational AI interactions during lunchtime and even after regular hours. The organization’s tech stack, including Salesforce, Hyro, and Qualtrics, played a pivotal role in achieving these results.


Reflecting on their journey, Lara emphasizes the importance of cross-functional teams, leadership support, and celebrating small victories. She acknowledges the pioneering nature of their healthcare initiatives and the need for pragmatism over perfection. Lara concludes by stressing continuous improvement, particularly in communication and collaboration with partners, as they navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare technology.

Hyro's AI Assistants' Integration with Salesforce

Uri Pintov, VP Product at Hyro, outlines Hyro’s role as an AI assistant for Salesforce, operating seamlessly on web chat, voice, and mobile platforms. Stressing the ease of use and accuracy tied to available data, including Salesforce knowledge articles, PDFs, and public websites, Uri positions Hyro as a “first line of defense” in customer interactions. Specifically, in voice interactions, Hyro replaces or enhances IVR systems, excelling in deflection and intelligent routing to the appropriate personnel, all facilitated through open CTI integration.

Uri introduces Hyro’s AppExchange app, emphasizing its easy setup and secure communication with Salesforce. He provides a step-by-step guide on setting up the app, connecting it to Salesforce, and activating the AI assistants. Uri proceeds to showcase a live demonstration where the AI assistant efficiently handles voice interactions, confirming appointments, resetting passwords, and seamlessly transferring to live agents. He underlines the significance of recording AI conversation details in Salesforce, ensuring agents have context, and concludes by encouraging users to explore the app on AppExchange for practical implementation.

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