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A Critical Diagnosis of US Healthcare Call Centers

A Critical Diagnosis of US Healthcare Call Centers

Watch the full recording of our August 2023 webinar, covering Hyro's exclusive findings on the state of healthcare call centers in 2023, with Baptist Health’s Director of IT & Digital, Julian Ammons, and Adventist Health’s Former Director of Customer Care Contact Center, Omar De La Cruz.

In the State of Healthcare Call Centers 2023 Report, we surveyed 200 call center managers, directors, and C-suite executives to gain the most comprehensive and accurate analysis of the current state of call centers in the industry. What we discovered is a crucial segment of the US healthcare system grappling with extreme staff burnout and turnover, outdated technologies, and mounting internal pressure to prove call center value and ROI.

The old way of doing things just isn’t working anymore, and on the eve of the greatest labor shortage the healthcare industry has ever faced, it isn’t sustainable. 

In this webinar, held on August 9, 2023, we dove alongside industry experts into the exclusive findings in the report and their implications on call center operations and patient engagement

Gain insight into:


  • Why just 51% of patients are satisfied with their healthcare provider’s call center
  • Most glaring challenges and operational gaps
  • What percent of US healthcare call centers plan to deploy LLM-based solutions (such as ChatGPT) within the next 12 months



  • Julian Ammons, Chief Director of IT Digital Cloud Development Ops at Baptist Health
  • Omar De La Cruz, Former Director of Customer Care Contact Center, Adventist Health
  • Moderated by Ziv Gidron, Head of Content, Hyro

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