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Shrink your workload,
Save your workforce

You can’t afford to waste time with low-value work. Shield
your staff from repetitive calls and messages, improve
support and access to services, and stretch operational
dollars with AI-powered assistants.

Trusted by top enterprise teams

״We were able to deflect up to 80% of password reset calls through SMS self-service. It was easy to review conversations in the dashboard and see that 90-100% of the AI-powered responses were those that we would’ve provided manually.״


Goal Completion Rate


Self-Service Rate

“Our Hyro AI Assistant resolves 40% of patient interactions end-to-end. Think about it: those are calls that will no longer require an agent to spend their time on while leaving the patient satisfied.”


Goal Completion Rate

“I was spending over a million dollars a year with an external agency just to answer the phones of password resets for my patients who couldn’t get into their MyChart. We used Hyro’s simple AI technology and boom; million dollar return to the bottom line.”

״We were able to automate 85% of all calls to our support center. Moreover, NLP gives us firsthand patient insights to drive decision-making. That is invaluable.״


Automation Rate


Average Hold Time

״What attracted us to Hyro was their adaptive approach. Our physician data is now easily accessible—and we’re seeing 47% more appointments booked online.״


Conversion Rate


Bounce Rate

״We quickly deployed an AI assistant that works for our patients, staff, and overall business needs. After implementation, we drove additional value with analytics of how patients interact with us online.״

“Using Hyro, 98% of patient questions over the last 90 days have been answered 100% correctly. That’s a 98% AI accuracy rate.”


AI Accuracy

Building is overrated, and 60x slower.

Companies expend endless IT resources to create virtual assistants, leading to high cost of ownership. Conversational flows take over 3-6 months to train–and the result? Rigid bots built by non-experts that break and frustrate your customers.

Leave the building to us, so you can focus on what matters.

Your teams need help now. See 60x faster time-to-value from AI assistants. No training data required, no maintenance involved. Everything you need, out-of-the-box, to start automatically resolving over 85% of repetitive tasks.

AI-Powered Digital Workforce

Meet Your Digital Workforce

The AI assistants you need to resolve over 85% of repetitive tasks, 
adaptive across call centers, websites, mobile apps, SMS and more.

Adaptive communications

Handle unlimited calls & messages and
collect actionable insights along the way

Call Center Automation

Easily sort call volume by fully automating routine calls, directing complex calls to the right agent, and deflecting simple calls to SMS for self-service. Streamline call center operations by eliminating long wait times and reducing reliance on staff, all while maintaining 100% capacity.

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AI Assistants

Skilled out-of-the-box members of your team, with no training required. Activate conversational AI assistants that adapt to your enterprise, performing top-line skills
on behalf of burnt-out staff to achieve better engagement, operational efficiency and scalability.

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Conversational Intelligence

Goodbye black boxes and siloed reporting. Hyro empowers operations, IT, support and engagement teams with the visibility to confidently act on conversational data across all communication channels, improving operational efficiencies with easy and intuitive feedback loops.

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Hyro for hire, available immediately

No training, no burnout, no turnover. Pre-loaded with the core capabilities you’d expect in fully onboarded employees.

is winning awards.

We’re consistently #1 in replacing bad chatbots and outdated IVR systems.


Successful Conversations


Minutes Saved


Bad Chatbots Replaced

Hyro is rated 4.9/5 stars in G2 reviews.
The Proof is in the performance



ROI Within 6






Faster Average

Handle Time


Connect to your favorite tools– from critical data
sources to messaging and telephony systems

Epic Emr
Epic EMR

Take Advantage of Epic’s Advanced APIs and Hyro’s AI Assistant to automate patient record identification, scheduling management and prescription support.

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Set up a bi-directional sync with the world’s #1 CRM, automatically turning contact data into conversations that can seamlessly transfer to Salesforce Chat.

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Enterprise-Grade conversational AI

Gain a competitive edge with industry-
leading explainability and control

GPT-4 made reliable
and ready for enterprise

The power of large language models meets Hyro’s unrivaled explainability. GPT-4 allows for unlimited search and FAQ capabilities, providing ground-breaking support for your customers. Start giving spot-on answers, on the spot, while keeping full control.

Openai And Hyro

Privacy and security
for total peace of mind

The highest standards of privacy and data security exist here–that’s why the world’s most responsible organizations trust us. With HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance, and SOC-2 Type II certification all in tow, you can automate without worry.

Soak up insights from leading healthcare executives as they dish on emerging technologies and digital strategies that are pushing the patient journey to new heights.

Automate routine communications to unlock
a more productive and profitable workforce.