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Hyro’s Responsible AI Revolutionizes Patient Assistance at Baptist Health

Hyro’s Responsible AI Revolutionizes Patient Assistance at Baptist Health

Watch Baptist Health's SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Aaron Miri describing how working with Hyro is a win-win-win situation for the Florida-based health system: from technological improvements, to higher patient satisfaction all the way to actual hard ROI.

In the video, Aaron Miri discusses:

  • Automation of Simple, Repetitive Support Interactions
    How Baptist Health transitioned from handling high call volumes manually to automating processes with Hyro, focusing on improving patient experience by addressing common issues like password resets and appointment assistance.

  • Why Hyro’s Approach to Responsible AI is key for Baptist Health
    Aaron Miri emphasizes the importance of responsible artificial intelligence and transparency in technology partnerships, highlighting the need for vendors who are willing to show the inner workings of their AI algorithms and collaborate openly with their clients.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience with Conversational AI
    By implementing Hyro’s solutions seamlessly into Baptist Health’s workflows, Miri notes a significant improvement in patient satisfaction rates, as patients feel heard, supported, and engaged throughout their interactions with the AI assistant.

  • The Impressive Cost Savings for Baptist Health
    Miri points out the immediate financial benefits realized through automation with Hyro, citing nearly a million dollars in savings and improved internal service level agreements, ultimately leading to a triple win scenario of improved technology, higher patient satisfaction, and tangible return on investment.

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