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The 22 Best Healthcare Podcasts You Can’t Miss in 2024

Aaron Bours VP Marketing, Hyro
The 22 Best Healthcare Podcasts You Can’t Miss in 2024

Healthcare professionals are overworked and understaffed. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts a global shortfall of ten million healthcare workers by 2030, driven mainly by extreme burnout. 



So how will those same healthcare professionals, especially executives, find time to discover and listen to podcasts? We wanted to at least do that work for you, sourcing the top 22 healthcare podcasts in 2024 right here. 

How did we conduct this research? We asked top healthcare leaders and digital innovators how they stay up-to-date on all the latest industry developments and news. Reading New York Times best-sellers, perusing medical journals, or watching webinars is one method that’s historically worked – but most people claim that digestible, short-form digital audio is how they learn from their peers in healthcare. That’s echoed by an inarguable trend – healthcare podcasts have grown in popularity. In fact, it was a daunting task to narrow down this list to just 22 healthcare podcasts (there are actually well over 120 in existence).

Facing unprecedented struggles with labor shortages, sinking revenues and the ripple effects of COVID-19, the demand for healthcare thought leadership has never been higher, with award-winning healthcare executives and aspiring healthcare leaders hungry to learn from one another through educational mediums, including healthcare podcasts. Fun fact, 90% of Americans have streamed a podcast over the course of the past year – it’s easily accessible and a cost-effective way to reach a global audience. Don’t sweat the time commitment – you can consume game-changing insights while commuting to work, exercising, catching up on emails, mowing the lawn – it’s a cinch to stay in the loop without feeling the weight of new workload. Readily available through complimentary listening services like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Healthcare Podcast Network, listeners can get lost in a sea of valuable insights from their healthcare colleagues.

Healthcare podcasts cover a wide range of topics, too. Industry experts, investors, marketers, entrepreneurs, doctors, digital leaders and IT professionals dish on key policies, trends and technological developments that are rocking the healthcare industry, for better or worse. And that’s why we’re excited to reveal the top 22 list of healthcare podcasts that are can’t-miss for 2024. So what are you waiting for? Happy streaming.

Our Top Picks at a Glance:

1. Digital Health Today Podcast
2. Becker’s Healthcare Podcasts
3. The #HCBiz Show! With Don Lee and Shahid Shah
4. The Healthcare Executive Podcast by American College of Healthcare Executives
5. GeekWire Health Tech
6. DGTL Voices with Ed Marx 
7. Shift.Forward Health
8. Data Book
9. Patient Journey Pioneers by Hyro
10. The Big Unlock: Healthcare Digital Transformation Podcast 

11. Bright Spots in Healthcare
12. TedTalks Health
13. HIT Like a Girl
14. Healthcare Triage Podcast with Dr. Aaron Carroll
15. Healthcare Weekly: At the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation
16. MedTech Talk
17. HIMSSCast
18. Faces of Digital Health
19. Healthcare IT Today

20. Digital Health Leaders Podcast by CHIME
21. HSJ Health Check by HSJ (Health Service Journal)
22. Perspectives on Health and Tech by Cerner

Digital Health Today 360 Podcast

Circa 2016, Digital Health Today has been “sharing insights, experience and knowledge from the front lines of health tech innovation” over the course of 116 episodes. Dan Kendall is the founder and managing editor of Digital Health Today and backs up this top healthcare podcast with over 2 decades in medtech, developing successful solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthtech industries. Featuring the innovators reshaping the world of health and wellness, Dan is uncovering key insights from entrepreneurs, administrators, clinicians, providers, investors, and all-around thought leaders – with the ultimate goal of inspiring those innovators across healthcare to take action. Some of the topics Dan’s covered: women’s health, social determinants, data privacy and security, digital health investments, and innovation and strategy. Digital Health Today is rated 4.8/5 and has featured guests such as Dominick Kennerson, Global Head G4A, Digital Health Partnerships at Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Molly McCarthy, National Director, US Provider Industry and Chief Nursing Officer for Microsoft.


Start streaming Digital Health Today 360 Podcast here.

Digital Health Today 360

Becker’s Healthcare Podcasts

Podcast aside, Becker’s in and of itself is considered the go-to source for healthcare decision-makers and one of the fastest growing media platforms in the industry. Through print, digital and live event platforms, Becker’s Healthcare equips healthcare leaders with the information and forums they need to learn, exchange ideas and advance conversations about the most critical issues in US healthcare. Content is informed by leaders and decision-makers in the industry, including those who serve on the Becker’s Healthcare advisory board. It’s no surprise, then, that Becker’s Healthcare offers not just one but a suite of niche podcasts with (literally) thousands of episodes in the archive, boasting a 4.6/5 rating and notable guests from the most prestigious health systems.


Episodes hosted by Scott Becker feature interviews and conversations on healthcare’s most pressing issues from the thought leaders who are tackling them every day, landing them 2nd place on our top 22 healthcare podcasts for 2024. Niche podcasts include “Digital Health + Health IT,” which focus on key digital health trends and health information technology, as well as the “Clinical Leadership Podcast” which highlights leaders at the forefront of transforming care-delivery systems. Recent guests include Dr. Bruce Siegel, President and CEO at America’s Essential Hospitals, Linda Stevenson, CIO at Fisher-Titus Medical Center, Denise Basow, Chief Digital Officer at Ochsner Health, and more.

Start streaming Becker’s Healthcare Podcasts here.

Becker'S Healthcare Podcast

The #HCBiz Show! With Don Lee and Shahid Shah

Healthcare technology entrepreneurs Don Lee and Shahid Shah go deep into the steps required to bring healthcare solutions to market, a process they’re all too familiar with, having successfully developed and launched dozens of healthcare products. Founded in 2017, The #HCBiz Show now has over 200 episodes in the archive, with a 4.7/5 rating and countless highly-decorated guests to boast about. #HCBiz Show delves into the complexities of the actual business of healthcare, identifying root causes and best methods to overcome the key issues that can block transformation in the space. Instead of focusing on the flashy technologies themselves, Don and Shahid represent the “practical podcast”, digging into healthcare policy, administration hurdles and the psychology behind it all, helping healthcare innovators and executives align ideas to business incentives, and revealing tips on how to market them to healthcare leaders and get the sale, both internally and externally. Recent guests, like Peter Rasumussen, Chief Clinical Officer of The Cleveland Clinic, and Karsten Russell-Wood, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer for Equum Medical, discuss value-based payments, mergers and acquisitions, drivers for telehealth and more.

Start streaming The #HCBiz Show! With Don Lee and Shahid Shah here.

The Healthcare Executive Podcast by American College of Healthcare Executives

A healthcare podcast dedicated to healthcare executives? Count us in. The American College of Healthcare Executives decided to go exclusive, offering roughly 15 episodes for The Healthcare Executive Podcast per year since being formed in 2019. Self-promoted as “where the most meaningful discussions for healthcare executives happen”, this healthcare podcast has been rated 4.6/5 with a total of 78 published episodes so far, featuring 15-20 minute conversations around health equity, digital transformation strategies, leadership principles and c-suite insights, as well as workforce resiliency in the age of the Great Resignation. Some past guests include Rick Pollack, President and CEO of the American Hospital Association, and Nicole Cooper, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs at UnitedHealth Group.

Start streaming The Healthcare Executive Podcast by American College of Healthcare Executives here.

Healthcare Executive Podcast

‍GeekWire Health Tech

Before discussing this specific healthcare podcast, let’s give a brief background on GeekWire. Founded in 2011 in Seattle by journalists Todd Bishop and John Cook, GeekWire covers organizations, entrepreneurs, startups and technologists creating cutting-edge solutions to the world’s biggest problems. That’s no different in healthcare – GeekWire’s Health Tech podcast, hosted by Todd Bishop himself, features the innovators and pioneers who are paving the way for emerging technologies in digital health. On each episode, GeekWire uncovers fresh stories about innovative technologies for patients, health plans, providers and more, including artificial intelligence, telemedicine, remote monitoring and wearable technology. GeekWire Health Tech boasts a little over 50 episodes to date with a rating of 4.9/5, including guests like Microsoft’s Chief Scientific Officer, Eric Horvitzwith, and TJ Parker, PillPack’s CEO and VP of Amazon Pharmacy.

Start streaming GeekWire Health Tech here.

Health Tech Geekwire

DGTL Voices with Edward Marx 

How well is your healthcare organization doing when it comes to digital transformation? The best route to an accurate answer runs through Edward Marx on DGTL Voices. CEO of Divurgent, former CIO of Cleveland Clinic, and best selling author, Edward sets the bar high for healthcare podcasts as he digs into the future of healthcare with esteemed Chief Digital Officers and Chief Information Officers of health systems and health plans. Rated 5 stars, DGTL Voices has recorded over 100 episodes so far, interviewing leaders like Sarah Sanders, Chief Marketing and Brand Experience Officer, UCSF Health and digital mastermind in healthcare, Neil Gomes, System SVP for Digital & Human Experiences at CommonSpirit Health. DGTL Voices is a guiding light for digital executives in the space, providing insights and tips for maximizing innovative initiatives within a healthcare organization.

Start streaming DGTL Voices with Edward Marx here.

Edward Marx - Dgtl Voices Podcast

Shift.Forward Health Podcast

Ever heard of one app that brings it all? Alas, it’s here. Once you follow Shift.Forward Health using your favorite podcast app, you’ll be subscribed to an entire library of shows, including long-standing award winners like Healthcare Rap, intriguing exclusives like Healthcare Transformers, and fresh voices including Erica Olenski Johansen, Shiva Mirhosseini, and more. Shift.Forward Health, also known as “the channel for change makers,” offers thought leadership for early adopters and champions of progress in healthcare. Hosts Jared Johnson and Zain Ismail believe that healthcare has only one choice: to become truly consumer-first, or be disrupted. Each week, they share provocative thinking for healthcare innovators and explore the frontiers of consumer health. Healthcare Rap ranks in the top 10% of podcasts globally and has been named a Top 20 Healthcare Podcast. Their fresh content brings together the perspectives of highly respected leaders in health tech, marketing, finance, and human-centered design. These folks don’t accept that healthcare has to be scary, hard, and expensive. They think there’s a better way. Some recent guests include Tony Ambrozie, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health South Florida, and Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Zus Health, Ada Glover.

Start streaming Shift.Forward Health Podcast here.

Shift Forward Podcast

Data Book

Data Book earns their spot on the best 22 healthcare podcasts with over 100 episodes published since being launched in March 2018. In their own words, Data Book is “exploring the people and plots behind the health-tech evolution—and the solutions to its problems.” Formerly Inside Digital Health, Data Book is now a podcast from media company Chief Healthcare Executive, focusing on data as ammunition for the best stories and insights in healthcare IT and technology, including artificial intelligence, cloud innovation and cybersecurity. Associate Editor Samara Rosenfeld hosts the podcast, asking guests and listeners how Big Data can overcome security concerns as it further democratizes healthcare. Rated 4.6/5, their target audience is industry leaders and aspiring healthcare executives who are passionate about digital initiatives, supply chain solutions, patient access solutions, and operational strategies – but extends to more niche topics too, such as medical school culture, physician burnout, and interoperability. Recent guests have been Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-founder of TytoCare, on the subject of remote patient monitoring, and Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato, a next-generation patient-matching solution for healthcare.

Start streaming Data Book here.

Data Book Podcast

Patient Journey Pioneers from Hyro

Well, what do we have here? Patient Journey Pioneers: Roadmaps from the Top Digital Leaders in Healthcare is presented by Hyro, a leading provider of conversational AI solutions in healthcare. With 26 episodes recorded thus far, Patient Journey Pioneers is actually a video podcast hosted by Liat Kozuch, focused on exposing the top digital initiatives from award-winning teams at enterprise health systems. On the docket – we’re asking the big question, “providers are walking the ‘digital transformation’ path, but are they in the right direction?”. Tune in to hear all about artificial intelligence, inoperability, digital front door solutions, automated patient engagement, telehealth and more. For aspiring digital, IT, product, operations and marketing leaders in healthcare looking to apply best practices as it relates to digital transformation, look no further than today’s most coveted healthcare pioneers, including Edward Marx, CEO of Divurgent, Angela Yochem, Chief Transformation & Digital Officer at Novant Health, Craig Richardville, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Intermountain Healthcare, Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Chief Digital Officer & CIO at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Jake Dorst, CIO at Tahoe Forest Health System.

Start streaming Patient Journey Pioneers from Hyro here.

Patient Journey Pioneers - Healthcare Podcast By Hyro

Paddy Padmanabhan - The Big Unlock: Healthcare Digital Transformation Podcast 

This one hits home for us. Paddy Padmanabhan, founder and CEO of Damo Consulting, has done it all – he is the author of two best-selling books, including “Healthcare Digital Transformation”, and was Vice President at GE and SVP at HARMAN International. Paddy passed away in June 2023, leaving the entire healthcare industry grieving for a singular thinker who helped reshape our ecosystem for the better. The Big Unlock is 141 episodes old, with a whopping 5.0 rating, and is hyper-focused on how healthcare executives are successfully driving digital health innovation and implementing emerging technologies to create better patient experiences. We miss you, Paddy.

Start streaming The Big Unlock here

The Big Unlock - Healthcare Digital Transformation Podcast

Bright Spots in Healthcare

“See a bright spot …. and clone it!” – That’s the mantra of host Eric Glazer on Bright Spots in Healthcare, a podcast hell bent on providing innovators in the healthcare industry with strategies, tips, tools, and processes that can be applied to their own organizations to foster fast, positive outcomes. Spanning 100 episodes with a 4.8 rating since its inception, Bright Spots in Healthcare covers patient engagement solutions, Big Data thought leadership, healthcare outcome optimization, and cost reduction of care. Recently on the show, Eric hosted Chris Delaney, Founder, and CEO of Insignia Health as well as Anthem’s Chief Health Officer, Shantanu Agrawal.

Start streaming Bright Spots in Healthcare here.

TedTalks Health

It’s hard for anything TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) to miss a best-of list. Most healthcare professionals are familiar with TED Conferences, which holds its world-renowned annual conference in Vancouver, as well as the smaller satellite conferences known as “TEDx” around the globe. Many of the most famous viral TED and TEDx talks have been related to healthcare specifically, and that’s what inspired TED to stream these live-audience segments on their healthcare podcast, TED Health, with over 170 episodes now recorded. Where TED Health stands out – this is a podcast about unique medical insights, covering controversial topics that border on social sciences, such as the devastating health impact of loneliness, medical applications of psychedelics, venom as a cure, and how smart bras can collect real-time data on patients. For inspiration, entertainment and a star-studded lineup, TED is a safe bet, but it’s certainly less about implementing best practices in a health system than the rest of this list, which might explain the 4/5 rating.

Start streaming TedTalks Health here.

Ted Talks Health

HIT Like a Girl

Healthcare is notorious for being a bit male-dominant at the top. That’s rapidly changing, however, and in no small part thanks to HIT Like a Girl hosts Joy Rios and Robin Roberts. The modus operandi of HIT Like a Girl is to celebrate women leaders in healthcare and health IT, paving the way for paths to leadership positions in healthcare for girls and young women. Joy and Robin have an interesting origin story too – they met while employed by a multibillion-dollar pathology lab that had them tour the US to aid clinics with complex compliance issues. Soon after, they formed a successful healthcare IT consultancy firm and started streaming HIT Like A Girl to get their message out there – and they’ve now done that with 275 episodes and a 4.9/5 rating. Some key topics: VR, AR and emerging technologies, patient access to data, healthcare law and the evolution of telehealth. HIT Like a Girl interviews a wide range of guests including female doctors, entrepreneurs, HIT influencers and C-level executives.

Start streaming HIT Like a Girl here.

Hit Like A Girl Podcast

Healthcare Triage Podcast with Dr. Aaron Carroll

Dr. Aaron Carrol is the Chief Health Officer at Indiana University School of Medicine, and in his spare time, he hosts the weekly and widely popular Healthcare Triage Podcast. Live, and with video on YouTube as well, viewers are treated to animated discussions surrounding healthcare policy issues and current medical research. In fact, you can directly influence the topics and conversations since this particular healthcare podcast conducts frequent polls to assess which subjects listeners are most interested in tackling next. Since 2015, with 118 episodes and counting, Healthcare Triage has covered some wild stuff, including parasites from cats, mythbusting COVID-19, and decoding DNA for diagnosing diseases. With an emphasis on entertainment, Healthcare Triage is highly rated at 4.8/5, and is regarded as iconic in the healthcare podcasting world. A few recent appearances: Francesco Vetrini PhD of the Undiagnosed and Rare Disease Clinic (URDC) and Elmer Sanders and Matt Allen from Project SEED.

Start streaming Healthcare Triage Podcast with Dr. Aaron Carroll here.

Healthcare Triage Podcast With Dr. Aaron Carroll

Healthcare Weekly: At the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation

How are innovative ideas and technologies reshaping the healthcare industry? That’s what 150,000 monthly readers and listeners turn to to find out. One of their initiatives, The Healthcare Weekly podcast, explores insightful conversations surrounding patient access and the delivery of care in the US through the lens of new technologies – successes and failures, lessons learned, and future adoption. The hosts, digital entrepreneurs and consultants Codrin Arsene and Michael Reddy, bring on award-winning innovators in the healthcare space to dig deep on emerging technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and virtual reality. With 55 episodes already recorded, and a 4.5/5 rating, The Healthcare Weekly Podcast has successfully straddled the intersection between futuristic innovation and tangible changes to human health. If you’re heavily interested in startups, entrepreneurs and the cutting-edge of healthcare, tune into this one. Recent innovators on the show: Dr. Loubna Bouarfa, CEO of AI productization company OKRA Technologies and Dr. Jeremy Orr, CEO of Medial EarlySign, a company creating AI and machine learning integration in diagnostics.

Start streaming Healthcare Weekly: At the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation here.

Healthcare Weekly: At The Forefront Of Healthcare Innovation

MedTech Talk

Change-makers. That’s the focus for Medtech Talk, a juggernaut of a healthcare podcast with over 180 episodes recorded thus far. Born out of the Annual Medtech Conference, where academic panels, keynote addresses, and heavy networking takes place, Medtech Talk uncovers hot topics relating to the human consequences of ever-changing medical technology. Hosted by Geoff Pardo, this is the healthcare podcast for staying current on which entrepreneurs (and their innovations) C-levels will be partnering with to transform their healthcare organizations. What’s on the menu? Venture investing and robotic assistants for surgeons, for starters. Leading minds in medical technology frequent this podcast, including some recent names like Adam Berman, CEO of Alleviant Medical and Amar Sawhney, CEO at Instylla.

Start streaming MedTech Talk here.

Medtech Talk Podcast


HIMSS runs healthcare. It should be no surprise, then, that HIMSSCast, a podcast produced by the HIMSS Media editorial team behind Healthcare IT News, MobiHealthNews, and Healthcare Finance News, has cracked the top 22 healthcare podcasts list. In each episode, editors from HIMSS are joined by heavy-hitting guests from around the healthcare technologies space to dive into major news stories, developments or trends that are top-of-mind for the industry. Across 423 episodes, HIMSSCast, a member of the Health Podcast Network, aims to sprinkle some depth, analysis and color to their ongoing coverage of the digital health, health tech and healthcare finance sectors. With a 4.9/5 rating, HIMSS is speedily fast and highly relevant when it comes to selecting the most pressing stories to focus on, including nursing shortages, employee retention, the future of generative AI, remote patient monitoring and more. For the healthcare professional who wants to have their finger on the pulse, this is the podcast to keep it there.

Start streaming HIMSSCast here.


Faces of Digital Health

It’s always a good sign for podcast health when you see a 5 star rating after airing 290+ episodes. On Faces of Digital Health, former healthcare journalist and entrepreneur Tjasa Zajc explores how diverse health systems adopt technologies in healthcare. While most healthcare podcasts are primarily focused on the United States, Tjasa goes beyond borders with a mission to “satisfy curiosity about different cultures” and find barriers to success in different countries around the world. For digital health entrepreneurs, and those healthcare leaders looking to partner with them, this is a gold mine – it’s all about finding the right answers and tangible advice for accelerating the success of digital health innovation. Fascinated by the speed of change in healthcare, Tjasa focuses on bringing quality experts onto the show who can ignore the hype surrounding new technologies in favor of gathering information about what’s actually transpiring “in the trenches” of healthcare. She’s answering key questions – what’s wrong with the systems today, how are entrepreneurs and innovators suggesting we fix them, and what steps are being taken to see these initiatives come to fruition.

Start streaming Faces of Digital Health here.

Faces Of Digital Health

Healthcare IT Today

Similar to HIMSSCast and The Healthcare Weekly podcast, Healthcare IT Today is an offshoot of a highly successful healthcare media network – Healthcare Scene media. Healthcare IT Today boasts more than 15,000 articles, short-form video content and Q&A sessions, always first in breaking news for healthcare information technology. The hosts of Healthcare IT Today are Healthcare Scene founder John Lynn and health IT Twitter influencer Colin Hung, experts in turning dense IT-related subject matter into concise, informal discussions for audiences both beginner and advanced alike. The world of health IT is constantly evolving, and that’s why it’s nice to have John and Colin keep us updated on telehealth, big data, data privacy, cyber security, blockchain and patient experience. Fun fact: Lynn himself has actually published over 5,000 individual articles for Healthcare IT Today – when does he sleep? Across 100 episodes, this healthcare podcast has earned a score of 4.7/5. Join in as they keep it fun while generating tons of new ideas and perspectives in the health IT space.

Start streaming Healthcare IT Today here.

Healthcare It Today With John Lynn And Colin Hung

Digital Health Leaders Podcast by CHIME

CHIME in, right now. Russ Branzell, President & CEO of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), interviews leaders in Digital Health from around the world. CHIME speaks for itself; the prestigious organization of CIOs and other health IT professionals is considered a gold standard in the healthcare space. It’s easy to envision why, after 166 episodes and a score of 4.8/5, they’d land on the 22 best healthcare podcasts list for 2024 (and any year for that matter). Russ is an animated host, leading digital health executives in captivating conversations broaching a slew of on-point and insightful topics regarding key challenges, best practices and actionable ideas for helping to transform the delivery of care on a global scale. The list of incredible thought-leaders in the digital health space who have joined the CHIME podcast is long – really long. Here are just a few: Theresa Meadows, SVP and CIO for Cook Children’s Health Care System, Ajay Kapare, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at ELLKAY, Andy Crowder, SVP, CIAO at Atrium Health and Sarah Richardson, SVP and CIO, Tivity Health.

Start streaming Digital Health Leaders Podcast by CHIME here.

Digital Health Leaders Podcast

HSJ Health Check by HSJ (Health Service Journal)

Breaking the trend here – it’s a non-US based healthcare podcast. Formed in 2019, the UK-founded HSJ Health Check has over 200 episodes under its belt, and claims to be “the go to place for an independent, informed and immediate take on health and care news”. Health Check aims to give listeners a strong weekly analysis of huge issues in health policy and leadership from Health Service Journal’s expert journalists. The most recent subjects that were debated include National Health Services (NHS) reform, mental health issues, lucrative health IT spending, cancer crisis and patient security – and they don’t mince words. Their latest episode was titled “The target no one wants to talk about”. For those looking to gain a different perspective from health systems beyond the borders of the US, this is a top healthcare podcast to subscribe to. Helen Buckingham, Director of Strategy at Nuffield Trust and Richard Sloggett, Program Director of the Future Health Research Center are some recent guests to join HSJ Health Check.

Start streaming HSJ Health Check here.

Hsj For Healthcare Leaders

‍Perspectives on Health and Tech 

This podcast created by Cerner (which was acquired by Oracle) boasts 250+ episodes focused on sharing best practices, tips and tricks from digital leaders and in-house counsel from Oracle Cerner subject matter experts. The latest topics they’ve covered include clinician burnout, the rise of retail healthcare and digital front door solutions to improve patient experience. Cerner may be solely focused on delivering health IT services to medical institutions and health systems, but their podcast has a much wider lens, touching on how technology truly affects patients. Rated 4.6/5, this is a true success story for solutions providers serving up objective content via short-form audio – some of their best episodes so far have been with Jessica Herstek, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Children’s National Hospital and Cory Costley, SVP of Devices at Amwell, a leading telehealth platform.


Start streaming Perspectives on Health and Tech here.


Let’s recap. Why start listening to healthcare podcasts?

  • It’s the popular thing to do. Kantar’s 2019 Digital Insights survey found that 75% of healthcare professionals polled listen to podcasts.
  • 59% of podcast listeners have done housework at the same time, 51% of those surveyed said they listen while driving, and 46% have listened to podcasts while out on a walk. That’s a convenient way to digest healthcare news and medtech insights without the extra effort.
  • Experts from all corners of the industry, from doctors to entrepreneurs to investors to C-levels in health systems, can be heard on healthcare podcasts, revealing key strategies for how to succeed in their respective domains.
  • Don’t listen in silos – remember to subscribe to the healthcare podcasts that speak to your objectives so you don’t miss upcoming episodes chock-full of valuable information.

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