Call Abandonment Rate

What is Call Abandonment Rate?

Call abandonment rate refers to the percentage of callers who disconnect or “abandon” their calls before reaching an agent or receiving assistance. It serves as an essential performance indicator for call centers and customer support teams, reflecting the effectiveness of call handling, wait times, and overall customer experience.

A high call abandonment rate can indicate potential issues such as long wait times, inadequate staffing, or inefficient call routing.

How is Call Abandonment Rate Calculated?

To calculate the call abandonment rate, divide the total number of abandoned calls by the total number of incoming calls and multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.

Call Abandonment Rate = (Number of Abandoned Calls / Total Incoming Calls) * 100

Addressing Call Abandonment

A high call abandonment rate is bad for business, but luckily, there are some ways to improve abandonment rate:


  • Optimize Call Routing: Implement intelligent call routing systems to ensure calls are directed to the most appropriate agents quickly and efficiently.
  • Monitor Wait Times: Continuously monitor and manage wait times to minimize customer frustration and reduce the likelihood of abandonment.
  • Improve Agent Training: Enhance agent skills and knowledge to handle calls efficiently, resolve issues effectively, and provide a positive customer experience.
  • Utilize Callback Technology: Offer customers the option to receive a callback instead of waiting on hold, reducing abandonment rates and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Analyze and Act on Data: Regularly analyze call abandonment rate data to identify trends, root causes, and areas for improvement. Take proactive measures to address the identified issues.


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