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Seattle Children’s Digital Front Door

Seattle Children’s Digital Front Door

Seattle Children's Digital Front Door is powered by technology, but is much more than just a collection of digital tools - it is a new way to think about healthcare. Watch Dr. Zafar Chaudry's full session from Digital Front Door Day 2023 by Hyro.


  • Dr Zafar Chaudry, SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Seattle Children’s Hospital 

Session Highlights

Initiating the Digital Front Door Journey

Around 2019, Dr. Chaudry recounts a pivotal encounter with a parent who highlighted the challenges of navigating Seattle Children’s healthcare system due to paper-based records and insufficient digital tools. This encounter prompted the decision to involve parents, caregivers, and patients in shaping the hospital’s digital strategy.

Building a Patient-Centered Digital Application

The hospital established a digital health team and began developing a comprehensive digital front door application. Collaborating with parents and caregivers, the team created an application to provide a unified source of information and access to care, addressing issues like electronic medical records, wayfinding, and appointment tracking during surgeries. The application was designed to be user-friendly and available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Key Features of the Digital Application

The application encompasses various functionalities, including seamless integration with the hospital’s electronic medical record system (Epic), as well as Zoom for telehealth visits. It offers appointment scheduling, activity calendars, and real-time tracking of patients undergoing surgery. Additionally, the application provides essential information about hospital facilities, including cafeteria menus and wayfinding capabilities.

Enhancing Accessibility and Equity

Recognizing diverse patient needs, the hospital addresses potential technology barriers. It loans devices to patients, ensuring access to the application even for those without high-speed internet or advanced smartphones. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide and improve inclusivity in healthcare access.

Continuous Improvement and Future Plans

Dr. Chaudry emphasizes the dynamic nature of the digital application, acknowledging that it will evolve over time based on user feedback and emerging needs. The hospital remains committed to refining and expanding the application’s capabilities, with plans to integrate interpretation services and extend wayfinding from patients’ homes to the hospital facilities.

Seattle Children’s Hospital’s digital front door journey exemplifies a patient-centered approach to healthcare technology. By involving parents, caregivers, and patients from the outset, the hospital has developed a comprehensive application that addresses critical healthcare access and information needs. The commitment to ongoing improvement and inclusivity underscores the hospital’s dedication to delivering a connected and patient-centered healthcare experience.

About Seattle Children's Hospital

Seattle Children’s Hospital, is a pediatric health system based in Seattle, serving the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. The hospital also houses a prominent research institute specializing in pediatric and infectious disease research. Dr. Chaudry emphasized in this session the hospital’s century-long legacy of service.

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