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The 10 Sessions You Can’t Miss at ViVE 2024

Sydnee Silverberg Field Marketing Specialist
The 10 Sessions You Can’t Miss at ViVE 2024

Sunshine, innovation, and healthcare visionaries await! We’re buzzing with excitement to make our VIVE comeback this year in LA. This premier event brings together senior digital health leaders, cutting-edge health startups, and forward-thinking investors, all shaping the future of healthcare. 

But what exactly will we experience at this powerhouse gathering? And whose insights are we most eager to hear? Let’s dive into the 10 sessions you can’t miss at ViVE 2024: 

Session 1: The Pursuit of Health Happiness through Non-Conventional Care Delivery

Time: Tuesday, February 27 | 9:00 AM — 9:45 AM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Downtown LA Stage

On an individual level, we’ve never had more insight and control over our health than we do today. This session explores the seismic shift in care delivery brought on by the nearly 100,000 health and medical mobile apps available through Google and Apple. Featuring speakers Aaron Miri of Baptist Health and Rachelle Longo of Ochsner Health, the discussion will focus on how technology facilitates care in non-traditional settings, such as homes, communities, and workplaces, through mobile health and remote monitoring. 

Aaron Miri
Aaron Miri, Svp, Chief Digital And Information Officer At Baptist Health Jacksonville

Session 2: Lights, Camera, AI in Action

Time: Monday, February 26 | 10:00 AM — 10:45 AM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Hollywood Stage

Can AI make an impact on a patient’s experience before they even arrive for their appointment? Featuring Sunil Dadlani, EVP, Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer at Atlantic Health System, this session highlights how AI can revolutionize patient and healthcare worker experiences. It covers AI’s impact on scheduling, intake, and triage, showcasing how technology streamlines operations for a smoother patient experience. By automating tasks like symptom triaging and insurance verification, AI optimizes the care journey from the start, enhancing efficiency and setting a new standard for patient care. 

Sunil Dadlani, Evp, Chief Information &Amp; Digital Transformation Officer At Atlantic Health System
Sunil Dadlani, Evp, Chief Information &Amp; Digital Transformation Officer At Atlantic Health System

Session 3: Tackling the Challenge of Nurse Staffing

Time: Monday, February 26 | 10:00 AM — 10:35 AM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, ViVE Central, CHIME Stage

Can technology and education bridge the critical staffing gap in healthcare? This session, featuring Theresa Meadows of Cook Children’s Health Care System, among others, tackles the pressing issue of nurse staffing. Dive into the challenges, solutions, and their impact on patient care in a discussion crucial for healthcare leaders. Remember, technology is at its best when it supports us, and nurses are some of the best of us, tirelessly working to heal, comfort, and save lives every day.

Theresa Meadows Of Cook Children'S Health Care System
Theresa Meadows, Senior Vice President &Amp; Chief Information Officer, Cook Children's Health Care System

Session 4: The Sun Never Sets on the Health Consumer

Time: Tuesday, February 27 | 10:00 AM — 10:45 AM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Sunset Strip Stage

How can healthcare become as intuitive and personalized as social media? We’re looking forward to finding out. Featuring Eric Smith from Memorial Hermann, Nari Gopala from Kaiser Permanente, and Vickie White from AdventHealth, this session explores the power of technology, wearable devices, and real-world data to customize healthcare experiences for every individual. Despite the challenges in a sector not known for consumer-centricity, progress is being made. Leaders are innovating care models, integrating holistic approaches, and tailoring services to meet evolving patient expectations. Gear up to find out the latest tech breakthroughs in consumer health. 

Vickie White, Chief Brand And Consumer Officer, Adventhealth

Session 5: Addressing Data Bias through the Lens of Hidden Figures

Time: Tuesday, February 27 | 3:00 PM — 3:45 PM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Sunset Strip Stage

How do we tackle the pervasive issue of data bias in healthcare, where the stakes involve life-altering decisions? This critical discussion, featuring Dr. Zafar Chaudry from Seattle Children’s, addresses the historical impact and ongoing challenges of data bias within the healthcare industry. It covers the disparities impacting different communities, the economic effects of resource scarcity, and the potential of clinical decision support systems (CDSS) to offer unbiased, evidence-based guidance. The session emphasizes the importance of ethical programming, especially in AI development, to prevent damaging consequences and enhance care delivery: a critical discussion and one you won’t want to miss. 

Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Chief Digital Officer &Amp; Chief Information Officer, Seattle Children's

Session 6: Dollars and Sense of Digital Health Investments

Time: Tuesday, February 27 | 10:00 AM — 10:45 AM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Rodeo Drive Stage

How do investors shape the future of healthcare? Industry leaders, including Michael Kalishman of Sentara Health, break down the real story behind strategic investments in the sector. This session explores how the financial health of healthcare systems influences where money flows, especially into workflow improvements, instant health services, and better data sharing. With the backdrop of 2024’s economic uncertainty, discover how these investments are changing the game, fueling innovation, and making healthcare smarter and more patient-focused in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape

Michael Kalishman, Sentara Health
Michael Kalishman, Chief Venture Officer, Sentara Health

Session 7: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Time: Tuesday, February 27 | 2:00 PM — 2:45 PM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Venice Beach Stage

With hospitals generating 50 petabytes of data annually, 80% of which is unstructured, how do we turn data clutter into actionable insights? Ann Cappellari from SSM Health, Fatima Paruk from Salesforce, and other speakers will explore AI’s role in transforming healthcare data. AI not only cleanses and standardizes massive amounts of information but also enhances data quality, boosts security, and ensures compliance. This session will delve into how AI-driven tools are unlocking the treasure trove of healthcare data, paving the way for improved patient privacy and proactive risk management.

Fatima Paruk, Svp And Chief Health Officer At Salesforce

Session 8: Health Systems’ Big Bet on Innovation

Time: Tuesday, February 27 | 4:00 PM — 4:45 PM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Rodeo Drive Stage

Inside health systems, a wave of innovation centers is revolutionizing healthcare, each with a distinct mission but shared enigmatic operations. Chris Waugh from Sutter Health, Michelle Stansbury from Houston Methodist, Rebecca Kaul from Northwell Health, and Sara Vaezy from Providence will unpack how these hubs are driving change from within. This session explores the paradox of disrupting the healthcare industry from the inside, the challenges of maintaining agility in large enterprises, and how health systems can navigate the competitive landscape shaped by digital health startups and tech giants. 

Rebecca Kaul, Northwell Health
Rebecca Kaul, Svp, Chief Digital Innovation And Transformation

Session 9: High Quality That Isn’t an Act

Time: Monday, February 26 | 4:00 PM — 4:45 PM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Sunset Strip Stage

Balancing the enhancement of patient and healthcare worker experiences within budget constraints is a critical challenge for healthcare leaders. Jose Azar from Hackensack Meridian Health will address how leveraging technology can create safer environments, improve working conditions, and foster a more patient-centered experience. This session delves into the dilemma of justifying investments in new technologies with potentially delayed returns. It highlights the importance of a systematic, data-driven approach to maintaining high-quality care and exceptional experiences, envisioning a future where clinicians and patients connect more meaningfully beyond the confines of traditional healthcare settings.

Jose Azar, Hackensack
Jose Azar, Evp, Chief Quality Officer At Hackensack Meridian Health

Session 10: Tap to Pay Healthcare

Time: Monday, February 26 | 9:00 AM — 9:45 PM PST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Venice Beach Stage

Why does paying for healthcare feel decades behind, especially when a phone can handle almost everything else? JP Valin from Intermountain Health explores this question, delving into the lag in healthcare payment innovation compared to other industries. This session challenges attendees to think beyond traditional models like value-based care, considering new strategies for reimbursement that better align with advancements like virtual care. It’s a call for out-of-the-box thinking to simplify healthcare payments in an evolving care landscape.

Jp Valin, Intemountain
Jp Valin, Chief Clinical Officer At Intermountain Health

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