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Hyro Partners with UST to Deliver Responsible AI to Health Systems

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Hyro Partners with UST to Deliver Responsible AI to Health Systems

Hyro, the leader in responsible conversational AI for healthcare, has joined forces with UST, one of the largest digital transformation solutions providers. The newly-announced partnership aims to empower UST ContineoHealth’s clients in the healthcare space, by leveraging Hyro’s conversational AI assistants across their call centers.


Through this integration, Hyro’s advanced platform will seamlessly complement their current contact center infrastructure, becoming an integral part of their technological ecosystem.

Healthcare providers are becoming more aware of AI’s capability to bridge operational efficiency gaps. This trend extends to contact centers, where 46% of call center executives are actively implementing or have intentions to deploy Large Language Models based solutions to streamline and optimize request handling by agents.


By integrating Hyro’s Adaptive Communications Platform into UST’s comprehensive range of digital transformation and engagement solutions, health systems are able to onboard AI assistants for patient-facing administrative tasks, including prescription refills, resolving FAQs, appointment scheduling and management, and troubleshooting.

Hyro and UST’s combined solution allows healthcare providers to enhance productivity, handling a higher volume of requests, freeing up agents’ valuable time to concentrate their energy on meaningful customer interactions. By automating basic inquiries like password resets and critical IT requirements, up to 60-85% of calls can be deflected using AI, boosting agents’ effectiveness and reducing patient wait times. 


Together, UST and Hyro will enable hospitals and health systems to simplify routine tasks and optimize workflows and processes, while also eliminating access hurdles for patients by providing a more comprehensive range of self-service options.

“We are excited to team up with UST as their trusted partner for conversational AI in healthcare. This partnership allows us to enhance contact centers for our joint customer base, addressing a range of pressing industry pain points. As a major player in the global marketplace, UST is leading the charge in helping healthcare organizations integrate cutting-edge technologies to improve the patient and staff experience."

UST ContineoHealth is a UST company that works to accelerate patient-centric digital transformation as part of its mission to shape the future of healthcare delivery. UST has a robust healthcare innovation ecosystem, including the dynamic UST SmartOps, an AI-powered cognitive automation platform.


Furthermore, Hyro’s omnichannel AI assistants demonstrate commendable proficiency in resolving tasks for incoming calls and messages, while retaining the ability to explain the AI’s generated outcomes, ensuring maximum transparency. This empowers UST clients to employ AI in a responsible manner, strengthening public confidence in the application of this dynamic technology within the healthcare space.

“UST’s patient and clinical engagement solutions – now powered by Hyro’s dynamic conversational AI platform – have the potential to dramatically improve patient satisfaction and reduce clinical burnout while optimizing costs across the healthcare enterprise."

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