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Hyro and Panda Health Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Patient and Staff Communications

Aaron Bours VP Marketing, Hyro
Hyro and Panda Health Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Patient and Staff Communications

Hyro to add its digital workforce of AI assistants, reducing dependencies on recruitment and retention in large healthcare organizations, to Panda Health’s marketplace

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 13th, 2023 — Hyro, the leading healthcare conversational AI provider, and Panda Health, the premier digital health marketplace for health systems to discover, purchase, and deploy digital technologies, announced today a partnership surrounding their shared vision to bring top-shelf automated communications to Panda’s marketplace of enterprise health systems. As an awarded Panda Partner in the Digital Virtual Assistant category, Hyro will now offer its suite of AI-powered chat and voice assistants to Panda Health’s network of health systems, enabling them to shield their current workforce from repetitive calls and messages across call centers, websites, mobile apps and SMS channels.


With up to 47% of the current healthcare workforce planning to exit the industry by 2025, preemptive transformation today is vital to ensure preparedness for further labor shortages. As digital expectations for health services continue to rise, health systems will need to compete for patient acquisition and satisfaction with a depleted staff, leaving AI-powered communications as a natural bridge for that growing labor gap.


Hyro, named a Gartner Cool Vendor for its unique conversational engine of natural language processing (NLP) and knowledge graph technologies, deploys automated chat and voice solutions that can resolve up to 85% of routine tasks that typically strain an already overloaded health system. AI assistants plug into existing omnichannel workflows to help centralize communications, improve access to services and care, and ensure reduced costs for a more productive workforce and profitable health system.


By tapping into the Panda Health Marketplace, health systems can quickly identify solutions, like Hyro, that meet their strategic digital goals, integrate well with their existing technologies, and provide proven ROI. “Our partnership with Hyro ensures that hospitals and health systems can find and procure the best technology and industry-leading virtual assistants within our marketplace,” said David Harvey, CEO of Panda Health. “With burnout and staffing shortages continuing to challenge the healthcare sector, we’re excited about the value that Hyro’s ROI-driven automation can bring to our customers.”

"With burnout and staffing shortages continuing to challenge the healthcare sector, we’re excited about the value that Hyro’s ROI-driven automation can bring to our customers.”

The types of skills automated by Hyro constitute roughly 60-70% of all calls and messages into health systems and include inquiries from both the patient and staff populations. Popular applications across health systems such as Novant Health and Baptist Health include patient registration, routing, scheduling, frequently-asked-questions, help desk & IT ticketing and prescription refills.


Beyond conducting conversations and carrying out tasks, the key differentiator for Hyro is in their analytics dashboard, called Conversational Intelligence. Unlike large language models, which are the basis for ChatGPT, Hyro’s dashboard includes full visibility into how and why AI assistants give answers to patients and staff, promoting AI accountability as well as a feedback loop for health systems to further optimize their content and datasets.


“With a shared goal of responsibly providing better access to care through artificial intelligence, we’re extremely proud to call Panda Health our new partner,” said Israel Krush, CEO & Co-Founder of Hyro. “Healthcare organizations know they’ll need to automate existing workflows in the next 6-18 months to optimize revenue streams and prepare for less entry-level workers entering the healthcare sector. This agreement will connect us with the innovative providers and payers that trust Panda to ensure the success of game-changing technologies like conversational AI.”


Panda Health and Hyro will be attending HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Chicago at the McCormick Place Convention Center, April 17-21, 2023. To discover more about this partnership, please visit Hyro’s booth #7840. To schedule a meeting with a Panda Health or Hyro team member, please email [email protected] or [email protected].


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