McKinsey’s Laura Semlies’ Philosophy on Transparency in the Patient Experience

Featuring Laura Semlies,
Partner, McKinsey


Prepare to reimagine the patient experience in this episode with Laura Semlies, Partner at McKinsey and Company. Laura lets us in on her ideal world, where friction is removed with self-service, and transparency is of top priority. As a true leader who spent a decade spearheading digital patient experience at Northwell Health and another decade as Director, Healthcare IT Advisory at PwC, Semlies now has a clear vision of how healthcare should actually be. Where people, process, and technology come together; where the provider, patient, and operations come together; healthcare can help move the needle within these intersections. Tune in as we dish on the post-pandemic era, and with that, the new challenges that her clients face. Have volumes recovered to the place they were? Will the emergency-related measures put in place to make technology available to patients, continue? Are they sustainable? Will labor shortage linger? And for how long? All these topics and more, on this episode.

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About the host

Liat Kozuch

Podcast Host at Hyro

Part production junkie, part people lover, Liat's passionate about making genuine connections and amplifying peoples’ life stories. With exposure to Hyro’s champions at leading health systems, she started Patient Journey Pioneers to expose strategies from healthcare’s most influential digital leaders and C-suite executives, who share insights that are inspiring the industry to move further and faster than ever. Join the journey as Liat continues to seek the next-best-disruptor in healthcare.

About the speaker

Laura Semlies

Partner, McKinsey

Laura is a partner in the healthcare practice at McKinsey focused on digital transformation with healthcare providers. Prior to joining McKinsey, Laura led the digital patient experience team for Northwell Health, a NY based comprehensive healthcare system. She's passionate about harnessing the power of digital to make personalization matter to our patients, providers and communities.

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