How Baptist Health Transforms Healthcare with AI Assistants: Best Practices for Implementation

Featuring Julian Ammons & Danielle Rodriguez,
Baptist Health Jacksonville


Join us for this dynamic conversation with Baptist Health’s Danielle Rodriguez, Senior Director of Customer Excellence, and Julian Ammons, Director of IT Digital Cloud Development Operations. Discover how Baptist Health is leading the charge in transforming healthcare through digital innovation, automation, and the responsible implementation of AI assistants.

Gain invaluable insights into their strategies for seamlessly integrating new technologies, including their Service Center Voice Assistant, BELLE. Explore their vision for expanding BELLE’s capabilities across the organization while navigating the intricate challenges and necessary precautions of the healthcare industry. Don’t miss this episode packed with actionable best practices and a glimpse into the future of healthcare.

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Episode Highlights

In this podcast episode, Danielle Rodriguez, Senior Director of Customer Excellence, and Julian Ammons, Director of IT Digital Cloud Development Operations at Baptist Health, discuss the challenges of implementing AI in healthcare. They acknowledge the excitement surrounding AI in healthcare but emphasize its unique challenges due to the industry’s precautions, policies, and protocols. The speakers highlight the delicate balance required to implement AI safely and responsibly in a healthcare setting.

Measuring success in your role and delivering value
The speakers delve into their respective roles and how they measure success. Danielle oversees the service desk and field engineering teams at Baptist Health, emphasizing the dynamic and fast-paced nature of her role. She shares key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure success, such as response times and customer feedback. Julian, as the Director of Development, discusses the importance of identifying gaps, finding creative solutions, and measuring success based on the value delivered to the organization and its customers.

Implementation of BELLE (Baptist’s Service Center AI Voice Assistant)
The conversation shifts to the implementation of BELLE, Baptist Health’s AI voice assistant. Julian explains how the idea for BELLE emerged from the need to automate tasks, specifically focusing on password resets to enhance service desk efficiency. The speakers highlight the successful deflection of calls after implementing BELLE for password resets, freeing up resources for more critical tasks. They stress the importance of thoroughly testing AI solutions and building trust by delivering on promised value.

Incorporating BELLE into different areas of the organization
Looking to the future, the speakers discuss the potential expansion of BELLE’s role within Baptist Health. They envision BELLE as a versatile tool integrated into various areas, acting as a gateway for patients and team members. The goal is to provide additional value by streamlining processes and addressing quick needs efficiently. The speakers express plans to integrate BELLE into the intranet and patient portal, extending its capabilities beyond the service desk. They foresee BELLE playing a crucial role in supporting the organization’s growth and increasing efficiency over the next three to five years.

About the host

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About the speaker

Julian Ammons & Danielle Rodriguez

Baptist Health Jacksonville

Julian Ammons is an innovative leader with proven history of reformation and organization of technology teams to produce more efficient and effective outcomes. Previously at Emory Healthcare, Julian is currently Director of IT Digital Cloud Development Operations at Baptist Health Jacksonville. Danielle Rodriguez is Senior Director of Customer Excellence for over a year, overseeing Baptist Health's service desk and field engineering teams. She previously worked at Texas-based Baylor Scott & White Health and at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin.

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