Sneak Peek to HCIC 2023: Navigating Healthcare’s Digital Landscape

Featuring Mike Schneider ,
Principal and Senior Executive, Greystone.Net


In this special episode, we host Mike Schneider, a principal and senior executive at Greystone Net, for a captivating discussion on the upcoming Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC).

Mike delves into the history, importance, and future trends of HCIC. With over 25 years in the industry, Mike provides a rich perspective on the evolution of digital healthcare, from the dawn of the internet to the emerging prominence of AI and chat GPT. The conversation is a blend of reminiscing the past, understanding the present, and anticipating the future, making it a must-listen for healthcare marketers and digital leaders.


Meet Hyro at HCIC 2023

We look forward to welcoming you at booth #21 at HCIC 2023 in Los Angeles.

In addition, don’t miss our special session, Voice of the Patient: Extracting Key Business Insights from AI-Powered Interactions. Hyro’s CIO and Co-Founder, Rom Cohen, will be joined by Austin Regional Clinic’s VP Marketing, Communications and Patient Engagement, Heidi Shalev, to showcase and discuss how Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) streamlined repetitive workflows such as physician search and FAQ resolution for their patients. The session will take place on November 6, 2023, at 4:15 PM.

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Episode Highlights

Evolution of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Mike Schneider from Greystone reflects on the substantial evolution in healthcare marketing since the company’s inception in 1996. Initially, the focus was on understanding how the internet would change healthcare communication and patient engagement. Over the years, as technology has advanced, so has the approach to healthcare marketing, now incorporating sophisticated tools like AI and comprehensive digital strategies.

Healthcare Internet Conference (HCC) Focus

The upcoming HCC is a pivotal event for healthcare marketers and digital leaders, with a spotlight on emergent technologies such as generative AI. The conference serves as a melting pot of ideas, showcasing innovative methods for enhancing patient journeys and healthcare marketing strategies.

Resource Allocation Challenges

The podcast discusses the ongoing challenges healthcare systems face in terms of resource allocation, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus is on the struggle to balance budgetary constraints and human resources while keeping up with rapid technological changes and increasing digital demands.

Importance of Networking and Information

Finally, the podcast underscores the significance of networking within the healthcare industry. It encourages professionals to connect and exchange knowledge, especially in dynamic conferences like HCC. Staying informed and adapting to new technologies while ensuring compliance with privacy laws and ethical considerations are crucial for future success in healthcare marketing and strategy.

>> The next HCIC will occur on November 10-13, 2024, in Austin, TX

About the host

Liat Kozuch

Podcast Host at Hyro

Part production junkie, part people lover, Liat's passionate about making genuine connections and amplifying peoples’ life stories. With exposure to Hyro’s champions at leading health systems, she started Patient Journey Pioneers to expose strategies from healthcare’s most influential digital leaders and C-suite executives, who share insights that are inspiring the industry to move further and faster than ever. Join the journey as Liat continues to seek the next-best-disruptor in healthcare.

About the speaker

Mike Schneider

Principal and Senior Executive, Greystone.Net

Mike Schneider is a Principal and Senior Executive at Greystone.Net. He has been helping hospitals and healthcare systems navigate marketing and digital strategy for over 25 years. Greystone.Net provides a wide variety of services, products, and educational opportunities for organizations in the healthcare industry, and Mike works with clients to develop and implement successful digital strategies. He also helps orchestrate market research, data collection and analysis of industry trends for Greystone. He is a frequent presenter at national conferences and leverages his industry knowledge as a digital marketing advisor for many recognized brands in healthcare. Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Marketing from North Carolina State University and held marketing leadership positions at St. Vincent Medical System in Toledo, Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, and at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta prior to his role at Greystone.Net.

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