Find a Physician & Beyond: Guiding the Digital Patient Journey

Featuring Graham Gardner,
CEO, Kyruus


In this episode, prepare to be pioneered by Graham Gardner, CEO of Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for healthcare organizations. Kyruus’ powerful provider search, match, and scheduling capabilities enable consumers to easily find and book care within a single online experience. The discussion touches on the origins of Kyruus and how they provide ROI for organizations by utilizing their entire database of physicians and not just booking appointments with ‘Dr. Famous’. We also cover price transparency, partnerships, how to (rightfully) go about integrations in the marketplace as well as the top things that digital healthcare executives should keep in mind for 2023.

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Episode Highlights

Kyruus’s Role and Mission
Kyruus is described as a provider data management and scheduling solution aiming to match patients with the right healthcare providers. It powers provider directories and application layers, enabling efficient patient-provider matching, call center interactions, and self-scheduling capabilities.

Digital Transformation and Industry Support
Gardner discusses Kyruus’s focus on being middleware in the healthcare industry, addressing the challenges of legacy systems and data silos. By organizing and making provider data more accessible, Kyruus aims to support a wide array of industry players, including health apps and systems.

Approach to Healthcare Innovation
The discussion shifts to the importance of taking calculated risks and embracing innovation in healthcare. Gardner reflects on the early cautious approach of Kyruus and the eventual realization of the importance of committing fully to impactful, ambitious projects.

Advice for Digital Health Leaders

Gardner advises Chief Digital Information Officers and others in similar roles to look beyond their organizations and consider the broader ecosystem when implementing digital health solutions. He emphasizes the importance of understanding technology investments and their ROI, and creating seamless integrations to improve healthcare delivery.

Personal and Professional Reflections
Gardner expresses a desire to be recognized as a trusted partner in the digital health industry and reflects on his personal journey, emphasizing the value of persistence and willingness to take risks for meaningful impact in healthcare. He envisions Kyruus as a key player in organizing healthcare data and making it actionable across various platforms and services

About the host

Liat Kozuch

Podcast Host at Hyro

Part production junkie, part people lover, Liat's passionate about making genuine connections and amplifying peoples’ life stories. With exposure to Hyro’s champions at leading health systems, she started Patient Journey Pioneers to expose strategies from healthcare’s most influential digital leaders and C-suite executives, who share insights that are inspiring the industry to move further and faster than ever. Join the journey as Liat continues to seek the next-best-disruptor in healthcare.

About the speaker

Graham Gardner

CEO, Kyruus

Graham is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kyruus where he has led the development and commercialization of the company’s market-leading patient access platform that now serves over 300,000 providers across 700 hospitals and 80 million members across 60 health plans. Prior to Kyruus, Graham was a Venture Executive at Highland Capital Partners where he co-founded Generation Health, a genetic benefit management company that facilitates optimal utilization of genetic testing, and served as the company’s Chief Medical Officer through its acquisition by CVS Caremark. Graham completed his clinical training in internal medicine and cardiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, where he also served as Chief Medical Resident.

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