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Hyro’s AI Assistants and Salesforce: A 5-Min Demo

Hyro’s AI Assistants and Salesforce: A 5-Min Demo

Dive into Hyro's integration with Salesforce to discover how to improve patient experiences, agent performance and operational efficiency with AI assistants - all within your Salesforce org.

Health systems leveraging Salesforce experience, on average, a 35% boost in agent productivity. Meanwhile, health systems which integrate conversational AI to their Salesforce organization witness a reduction in operational costs ranging from 25% to 35%.


In this 5-minute demo, we cover the integration of our AI web, voice, and call center automation solutions with Salesforce, and demonstrate how to use Hyro’s Conversational AI for Healthcare app on the AppExchange to automate over 85% of repetitive calls and messages.

Discover how to:

  • Streamline access to care with omnichannel AI assistants
  • Deflect and route calls automatically from your contact center
  • Allow seamless handoff to live agents using Salesforce
  • Capture conversational insights in real-time.

Find out more about the Hyro & Salesforce integration.

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