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The Nuts & Bolts Of Responsible AI For Patient Support

The Nuts & Bolts Of Responsible AI For Patient Support

Discover how leading CIOs are building a Responsible AI infrastructure for patient-facing use cases, without compromising on patient trust. We're joined by Summa Health's Elbridge Locklear, St. Luke's Health System’s Reid Stephan, and Boston Children’s Hospital John Brownstein.



  • Elbridge Locklear, SVP Chief Information Officer at Summa Health
  • Reid Stephan, VP, Chief Information Officer at St. Luke’s Health System
  • John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Israel Krush, CEO & Co-Founder at Hyro
  • Moderated by Daniela Levi, Head of Marketing at Hyro

Generative AI is making waves in healthcare, with a whopping 92% of healthcare CIOs gearing up to adopt AI technology by 2025. But amid the excitement, concerns about the ethical accountability of generative AI have become a focal point of discussion.

Increasingly aware of AI’s potential to streamline administrative tasks and improve patient care, health IT leaders find themselves grappling with issues of security, explainability, and compliance while also grasping the transformative possibilities. Building an effective Responsible AI strategy and laying the groundwork for successful deployment takes time. Health Systems currently pausing and postponing the start of this journey rather than starting with foundational low-risk, high-value use cases, will find themselves being left leagues behind their peers.

In this virtual masterclass, you’ll gain insight into:


  • How trailblazing health systems are utilizing AI accountability best practices & Governance Committees
  • The required infrastructure to ensure LLM control and explainability
  • Replicable real-world gen AI deployments and use cases
  • How to measure AI performance and risk

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