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What Is MedPaLM and Why You Need to Know About It

ChatGPT for healthcare? Learn everything you need to know about MedPaLM, a new LLM developed by Google specifically for medical and clinical applications.

Ziv Gidron
February 27, 2023
Customer Engagement

Social media has become one of the most powerful communication tools in a healthcare system's arsenal. It is a potent patient outreach and engagement mechanism and is quickly becoming essential for a successful digital front-door strategy. Learn how to leverage it for maximum impact.

Sydnee Silverberg
February 14, 2023
Real Estate

7 Ways AI Will Reshape Real Estate in 2023

From streamlining mortgages to leveraging market data and automating the leasing process. Here are 7 ways AI will revolutionize the real estate industry in 2023.

Ziv Gidron
January 29, 2023
IT & Digital

Hyro Wins Juniper Research’s Gold Award for Best AI Chatbot

Hyro has won the Gold Award for Best AI Chatbot Solution as part of Juniper Research’s Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2023. Find out why.

The Hyro Team
January 25, 2023

Bullish or Bearish: Health IT Leaders Weigh In On Top Tech Trends

On our podcast, Patient Journey Pioneers, we've asked some of the leading minds in digital health to dispense their unfiltered take on the biggest tech trends of the day and deliver their verdict on the current and future impact and value of these innovations to the industry: Bullish (optimistic). Or Bearish (pessimistic). Here's what they said.

Liat Kozuch
January 11, 2023
Conversational Technologies
10 min read

Why ChatGPT is a Huge Win for Conversational AI Companies (and Their Customers)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is all the talk, literally. While some conversational AI companies are concerned, Israel Krush, CEO and Co-Founder of Hyro, explains why this is actually very advantageous for enterprise deployments to come. Combining elements of ChatGPT to improve the conversational experience, while opting for a more controlled, and security-heavy engine run on enterprise data, will be the ultimate path forward as we enter this next wave of conversational and generative AI.

Israel Krush
December 21, 2022
3 min read

Hyro Named to the 2022 CB Insights’ Digital Health 150 List

CB Insights today named Hyro to its fourth-annual Digital Health 150, showcasing the 150 most promising private digital health companies of 2022.

Aaron Bours
December 7, 2022
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