Hyro In The News
3 min read

Hyro Announces New Integration With #1 EMR in Healthcare: Epic Systems

We are thrilled to share that Hyro’s conversational AI platform for healthcare websites, voice apps, and call centers is officially and fully Epic EMR integratable through a plug & play non-intrusive API.

The Hyro Team
April 18, 2021
Real Estate
4 min read

How AI Chatbots Can Increase Sales in Real Estate in 2021

Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy is perhaps the most beloved fictional real-estate agent on television. He also happens to be enamored by the power of technology and artificial intelligence (AI)...

The Hyro Team
February 23, 2021
Operations & Logistics
5 min read

6 AI Tools That Are Helping With COVID-19 Vaccination Rollouts

Over the last year, the spread of the COVID-19 virus had been matched only by the spread of fear that hospitals will become overwhelmed with patients...

The Hyro Team
February 16, 2021
Real Estate
2 min read

Hyro Announces New Integration With Knock CRM for Real Estate

We are thrilled to formally announce that Hyro's conversational AI platform is now officially and fully Knock CRM integratable.

The Hyro Team
February 7, 2021
Customer Support
4 min read

5 Reasons Conversational AI is a Live Agent’s Best Friend in 2021

Conversational AI has transformed the way businesses communicate with their customers. From healthcare through to government and real estate, customer service leaders utilizing live support centers are singing the praises of AI chatbots that have emerged from a marketing trend into the mainstream for engagement, conversions, and sales.

The Hyro Team
February 4, 2021
Conversational Technologies
4 min read

Mythbusting Google’s New Trillion-Parameter AI Language Model

Earlier this month, Google announced that its researchers have developed and benchmarked techniques enabling them to train a language model containing more than one trillion parameters. If you're not sure what parameters are, we highly recommend that you check out our previously published blog post about Open AI's language model, GPT-3.

Ziv Gidron
January 29, 2021
Customer Engagement
6 min read

4 Digital Tools to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores in 2021

A 2019 Accenture survey found that 68% of patients would be more likely to choose a healthcare provider if they could book/change/cancel appointments online. 70% of patients would like to receive reminders via email or text message, and 77% would like to be able to request prescription refills electronically. 

Aaron Bours
January 18, 2021
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