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Introducing the Safeguardians

Daniela Levi Head of Marketing, Hyro
Introducing the Safeguardians

Meet the Safeguardians. 

These four masked crusaders aren’t your typical caped vigilantes shooting through the night sky or casting webs. No, they wield a different weapon: the power of Responsible AI

They stand watch over healthcare organizations, shielding them from the dangers of unregulated AI applications. But their mission isn’t just protection; it’s transformation. For patients, they champion a future of personalized experiences that empower their health journeys. For providers, they unlock radical efficiency gains, optimizing workflows and maximizing resources. 

Pretty neat, right? Well, the best part is that there’s a Safeguardian in each of us. As healthcare professionals, we’re all probably somewhere on the spectrum between the four of them but trust me; you’re definitely going to recognize yourself in at least one of them. 

Let’s get to know these superheroes (and you) a little better. 

Meet The Innovator

The Innovator is never content with the status quo. Their mind buzzes with possibilities, particularly how conversational AI can revolutionize healthcare. While others may hesitate, fearing the unknown, they march straight towards the frontier, asking the tough questions and paving the way for the safe implementation of transformative technologies. Unafraid of challenges, they see them as stepping stones, embracing the messiness of innovation with a smile. Their secret weapon? Starting small, prioritizing safety, but always dreaming big. 

The Innovator

Their fellow Safeguardians describe them as:


  • Original
  • Ingenious
  • Resourceful
  • Larger-than-life! 

Watch Innovator Aaron Miri discussing the million-dollar saving impact he was able to achieve through conversational AI: 

Meet The Caregiver

The Caregiver doesn’t see charts and numbers; they see people. Their focus is unwavering: ensuring every patient feels truly understood and supported. While others chase accolades, The Caregiver walks alongside their team, asking crucial questions: “How can we make access easier?” and “How do we guarantee everyone feels safe and cared for?”

They translate cutting-edge tech into tangible benefits, like using conversational AI to simplify patient interactions without compromising individual needs. The Caregiver doesn’t believe in dreaming of a better system; they build it, brick by dedicated brick, their warmth radiating to every interaction.

Their fellow Safeguardians describe them as:


  • Genuine
  • Intuitive
  • Compassionate
  • The bee’s knees   

Watch Caregiver Taylor Hamilton sharing the importance of not only identifying a patient’s objective but genuinely attempting to understand their complete healthcare journey: 

Meet The Seeker

Forget the glory-chasers, fixated on the finish line’s fleeting fame. Meet The Seeker, an explorer of the unseen, a relentless pursuer of truth hidden within data’s labyrinth. Their gaze isn’t fixed on distant horizons, but on the intricate details, the hidden patterns that hold the key to unlocking success.

While others might chase trends blindly, The Seeker stands as the grounded guardian, their questions a beacon illuminating the path: “Does this truly work?” and “How can we measure, refine, and achieve the best possible outcome?”

The Seeker isn’t just a data miner, they’re an insights alchemist, transforming raw information into potent solutions. They wield the power of AI-powered communication not just to understand patients, but to unearth operational inefficiencies and safeguard against security threats. Like a skilled cartographer, they map the ever-shifting terrain of healthcare, charting a course towards optimal care and unwavering security.

The Seeker

Their fellow Safeguardians describe them as:


  • Detail-oriented
  • Precise
  • Reliable
  • A class act

Watch Seeker Patrick McGill talk about the pivotal role of data in Community Health Network’s decade long journey to build the system’s Digital Front Door:

Meet The Protector

Amidst the whirlwind of innovations and rapid advancements, The Protector stands as a beacon of stability and security. Their dedication transcends mere technical expertise, extending to the unwavering protection of every patient, staff member, and data point entrusted to their care.

While others might race towards the future, The Protector asks the critical questions: “How will this impact data security?” and “Are we exposing ourselves to unforeseen risks?” Their voice, a constant reminder of vigilance, ensures every step forward is taken with calculated caution and unwavering responsibility.

The Protector is not just a technology expert, but a guardian of progress. They understand the profound impact of AI-powered communication, and they refuse to compromise on the safety of any individual or system. With the keen eye of a seasoned sentinel, they shield information from vulnerabilities, prevent potential disruptions, and guarantee the smooth operation of essential processes.

Their fellow Safeguardians describe them as:


  • Pragmatic
  • Responsible
  • Efficient
  • True blue  

Watch Protector Michael Hasselberg talk about the need for continous AI montioring:

Unleash Your Inner Safeguardian

So? Which Safeguardian are you? Maybe you’re a mix of all four. Maybe you’re strictly one of them. The good news is that we prepared a special quiz for you to find out. 

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