December 5, 2022

Healthcare 2022: How Providers are Reshaping the Digital Patient Experience in a Consumer-Centric World

The passivity of patients is long gone. COVID-19 has accelerated the consumerization of healthcare, as patients proactively demand retail-like access to goods and services relating to their own health. The rising tide of digital-first technologies, including telemedicine (up 1500% in adoption from 2020) as well as newfound expectations of generations graduating to self-finance their healthcare, are forcing health providers to focus on earning patient loyalty.

Join us as we explore:

  1. How patients will evaluate providers in the modern age of consumer-centric healthcare
  2. Which evolving digital experiences, such as patient portals, accelerated scheduling and patient self-service registration, will be nice-to-have versus mandatory to compete
  3. How up-and-coming technologies, including the emergence of AI, will help acquire, delight, and retain patients

Who is on the panel?

  • Mona Baset, Vice President, Digital Services at SCL Health
  • Michael Hasselberg, Senior Director of Digital Health, Chief of Technology & Innovation, URMC
  • David Waldman, Chief Medical IT Develpment Officer, URMC
  • Aaron Bours, VP Marketing at Hyro